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156 Cumberland

156 Cumberland is an intimate dinner venue serving French-based dishes infused with Korean flavours and cooking techniques. 

This address has hosted a legacy of French restaurants, such as Chabrol and Le Trou Normand, before the current owners came in and put a spin on traditional dishes from France. 

156 cumberland torontoJennifer and MJ Jeong were offered partnership in the space, by Bo Seo, the CEO of the Kibo Sushi franchise, who runs Secret Garden next door, and invested in the empty spot.  

156 cumberland torontoJennifer was previously working as a nurse through lockdowns, whereas her husband MJ, has always been a chef. 

156 cumberland torontoThe restaurant kept the majority of the design elements from Chabrol's time there, with lower and upper dining rooms present. 

Walk inside to find the first seating area with more of a feminine touch, crystal chandeliers hang over velvet emerald couches. 

156 cumberland torontoJust a few steps over is the upper seating area, where the ambience is casual fine dining, with beige lounge chairs and local art hanging on the walls. 

Impress your partner on date night with their intricate table set-ups or opt for the upper seating where you can host private dinner parties for up to 15 people. 

156 cumberland torontoThe menu at 156 Cumberland is unique for Yorkville, although the street offers other options for both French and Asian cuisine, most of them tend to offer similar dining experiences. 

156 has a different flare where they're meshing two worlds, taking beloved French dishes, like Beef Tartare and making it into their own, but Korean-style. 

156 cumberland torontoSpeaking of Beef Tartare, check out the appetizer ($18.00) where four pieces of fried tofu skin are stuffed with crispy onions, the tartare mixture and Gochujang, a sweet red chilli pepper paste that's popular in Korean cooking. 

A generous shaving of chives are garnished on top, you won't be able to resist the crunch of the tofu wrap with the soft, flavourful filling inside. 

156 cumberland torontoIf you're looking for a hearty second appetizer, try this dish ($24.00) which has a base of rice Congee soup. It resembles the texture of risotto, but is bursting with flavours from the three types of mushrooms used: Mitake, Shitake, and Truffles. 

156 cumberlandThe best part about this dish is the poached egg in the centre, mix it into the rest of the Congee and rice and you're set for a warm welcoming into your stomach. The Parmigiano-Reggiano and chives sprinkled on top make for great finishing touches. 

156 cumberland toronto156 Cumberland has you covered on picture perfect cocktails, ready for your Instagram.

The Orange Mermaid ($15.00) combines Beefeater Gin, Aperol, giving it a vibrant orange colour and Rhubard syrup. A neat addition is the thyme lemonade that tops off this herb-filled drink, with a just a dash of lime juice. 

156 cumberland torontoThe Halibut ($35.00) is a main course at 156 Cumberland, it's fresh from New Brunswick and gets basted in a pan with a nori butter before being plated.

156 cumberland torontoThe pile of kale is slightly charred on a small barbeque, its still soft, but adds a kale a smoky flavour to the dish that soaks up any leftover butter. 

156 cumberland torontoOrder the Brown Butter Cake ($13.00) for a dessert that's mildly sweet and simple. It's served with a scoop of honey ice cream and poached pears. 

156 cumberland torontoThe name of the restaurant is synonmous with the address of the building it's located in. Find the white exterior of 156 Cumberland right outside of Bay Station, sharing the same strip with other notable Yorkville favourites, like Sassafraz

156 cumberland toronto

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156 Cumberland

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