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Bizarre 'subs only' Toronto rental listing goes viral

Trying to find a budget-friendly place to live in Toronto's exorbitant real estate market isn't easy, as evidenced by the countless head-scratching and terrifying listings that continue to pop up on rental websites like Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji. 

From beds in the middle of kitchens, makeshift rooms, and even laundry rooms converted into "living spaces," prospective tenants in Toronto have quite literally seen it all, and it doesn't look like greedy landlords are slowing down anytime soon. 

The latest questionable listing to make rounds on social media is a room for rent for $300 per month in The Beaches. While the space might sound like a sweet deal at first glance, that's before you consider the fact that the landlord is looking for "subs only." 

While some theorized that the landlord might be looking for a subtenant, others quickly came to the conclusion that the landlord might be on the hunt for a "submissive" sexual partner. 

$300/month to be Eric’s sex slave!
byu/mybluntside inSlumlordsCanada

"'Subs only' WTF! I wish I could brush this off as a joke but this isn't the first listing like this (nor will it be the last)," a Reddit post sharing the listing reads. 

"The Beaches community is known as the freakiest community in Toronto. So the sub only I'm guessing means submissive sexual partner?" one person wrote. 

"Anyways $300 for a room in The Beaches is the cheapest you'd find if it was the 1990s so this is suspicious." 

Others joked that the tenant should buy a taser before answering the ad or inspect the room with a black light before moving in. 

"Someone please tell us all that 'sub' means something else in this context," another person said. 

"Call me a Sunday morning optimist but this is the one posting where there is a 1% chance Eric is offering a weekly sublet for $300," one comment reads. 

Other horror rentals in recent weeks include a landlord in Toronto's Rexdale neighbourhood attempting to rent out half of their own personal bed for an undisclosed rent price, a laundry room-turned "studioin Brampton for $550 a month, as well as a mattress packing into the corner of a living room in Ottawa for a staggering $500 per month. 

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