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Brampton landlord uploads shocking image of sleeping tenant to advertise rental

If you're browsing through websites like Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji in hopes of finding an affordable place to rent in the GTA, you're bound to come across your fair share of puzzling rentals

In an effort to appeal to those strapped for cash, some landlords in the region have even taken it upon themselves to transform unconventional spaces into questionable living spaces, including the tops of staircases and kitchens advertised as "bedrooms." 

One alarming listing made rounds on Reddit and X over the weekend after the landlord uploaded an image of a person — who we can only assume to be a tenant — sleeping in a room up for rent. 

"Slumlords now uploading images of sleeping tenants to advertise their rentals...I'm literally speechless. Where do I even start?" a Reddit thread sharing the listing reads. 

No privacy even in your sleep 📸 say CHEESE!
byu/mybluntside inSlumlordsCanada

"I didn't want to post this at first because of the blatant disrespect for the tenant, but I think this just goes to show how wild these freak 'landlords' are right now… Absolutely insane," the original poster wrote. 

"It's not even just about cost anymore. You will [have] zero rights, privacy or respect renting from these slumlords. Even in your SLEEP! DESPICABLE!" 

The listing, which advertises a room for rent for $500 per person, notes its proximity to Sheridan College in Brampton and transit stops. 

Naturally, the rental spawned many confused and shocked reactions from social media users, most of whom were concerned about the tenant's privacy rights. 

One person asked on Reddit, "Is this kind of photography even legal? Doesn't it break human rights or privacy laws?" 

"Alright, now I've seen it all," another person wrote. 

Other questionable listings in Ontario that have circulated on social media this year include a mattress stuffed at the top of a staircase for $450 a month, a shared bedroom with two other people for $570 per month, and a shared bunk bed in a cramped room for $555 a month. 

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