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mean girls mansion

Mean Girls mansion in Toronto just won't sell

In the words of Gretchen Wieners, this is so not fetch. 

Regina George's Toronto home from Mean Girls is still on sale after 166 days on the market. 

The mansion's long stay on the market might just have to do with its hefty price tag, as it's currently listed for a whopping $27 million. 

Located at 11 High Point Road, the place is home to many iconic scenes, including Cady Heron's discovery of The Plastics' Burn Book

11 high point road torontoThe 18,276 square-foot gated home is located in Toronto's luxurious Bridle Path neighbourhood. 

The mansion boasts an impressive 9 + 4 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, soaring cathedral reception, and a dramatic Scarlett O'Hara style staircase. 

11 high point road torontoThe cult favourite four-way phone call between The Plastics was also film here, with Regina George munching down on a chocolate glazed donut in the quartz countertop kitchen. 

11 high point roadThe mansion's bathrooms are equally spectacular, with marble tiled floors and walls. 

11 high point road torontoThere's also no shortage of closet space to deck out in all your favourite attire, because as The Plastics like to say, "on Wednesdays we wear pink." 

11 high point road torontoThe home also boasts staff quarters, a rec room, relaxing spa, and a spacious gym. 

11 high point road torontoThere's even a spacious and scenic pool in the backyard that's perfect for sunbathing, swimming, or gossiping. 

11 high point road torontoThe home was previously listed in 2015 for $12.8 million, but the price for this iconic home has now doubled to $27 million.

There's no telling when this iconic mansion will finally sell, but for now, we can marvel at its interior shots and pop cultural significance. 

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