536 st clair west toronto

Stunning rose gold condo tower to replace a block of Toronto businesses

Toronto's Bathurst and St. Clair area has already undergone substantial vertical growth in the last dozen years, and even more towers are on the way.

A new proposal just west of the evolving intersection aims to bring a 35-storey condo tower to the neighbourhood, featuring a colourful rose gold-hued facade.

Pitched by developer DiamondCorp, the proposal at 536-538 St. Clair Ave. W. features a design from architects IBI Group that would add a bold shot of colour to the block, though its proposed height might prove to be a roadblock on the path to approval.

With a height of almost 116 metres, the proposal is a fair bit taller than the condo planned to the immediate north on Raglan Avenue and the existing 2012-completed condo towers just to the east, occupying the northwest corner of Bathurst and St. Clair.

Planning documents justify the height as in line with a project approved for the northeast corner of the major intersection, approximately 130 metres to the east.

536 st clair west toronto

The site is currently home to a trio of businesses, slated for eventual closure and demolition to make way for the new condo development. These include a Pizza Pizza location, Manila Food, and Plug Canna6is.

Locals (and business owners) probably shouldn't panic, though, as these development proposals often take years to materialize from the first vision to reality.

In place of what exists today, the condo building proposes 152 square metres of new retail/restaurant space on the ground floor, to be framed by a row of sculptural columns that respond to the architecture of the heritage-listed St. Alphonsus Catholic Church to the immediate west.

To the east, the Raglan Avenue ground-floor frontage includes a vestibule connecting to the residential lobby, along with a group of two-storey townhome-style units to the north.

These townhomes account for three of the total 380 condominium units, planned with 28 studios, 201 one-bedrooms, 112 two-bedrooms, and 39 three-bedroom suites.

Area residents concerned about added traffic in the neighbourhood can rest easy, as the proposal only includes 35 parking spaces across its three levels of underground parking.

Four hundred bicycle parking spots and the adjacent St. Clair streetcar stop are expected to address most residents' local travel and commuting needs.

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IBI Group

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