bachelor apartment toronto

Tiny bachelor apartment with a hot plate shows how sad Toronto's rental market can be

A Toronto bachelor apartment posted for rent recently highlights how tough it can be to find a decent place to live.

Toronto apartment rents plunged when the pandemic started and recently prices have come back up a bit. Still, it is difficult to find anything decent lower than $1,500 unless you are willing to make some sacrifices.

A unit listed on Kijiji for $1,100 a month boasts a private entrance with access to a large backyard and steps to the King and Queen streetcars in Parkdale. These are all great perks — who doesn't want access to a yard? — but a closer look at the place reveals it's not such a hot deal.

bachelor apartment toronto

The apartment in a coverted Parkdale home looks clean and bright.

The kitchen — if you can call it that — is basically just a hot plate and a small fridge with a tiny sink. But in all fairness, the post does call it a "small cooking area" rather than a kitchen.

The listing signals the sad state of Toronto's rental market, according to a Reddit thread.

"I was recently apartment searching (found one) and i saw an ad, someone charging $800 a month to sleep on their couch. It's crazy out there," someone wrote.

bachelor apartment toronto

The place comes with a small closet.

Some people sarcastically noted how this place has both a hotplate and a microwave.

"Whoa slow down there Princess. You get one or the other," another person responded.

bachelor apartment toronto

The cooking area is very basic.

The fact that the kitchen is in the living room and bedroom might not work for some people.

"Sleeping with ice cream is always a dream of mine," one person wrote.

bachelor apartment toronto

At least there is a private bathroom.

Generally, people agreed this place is an example of how bad things can be in the city. Others warned people of the possible perils of searching for a place on Kijiji — there are several other ways to look for an apartment in Toronto.

"For god sake avoid Kijiji," one person wrote. "While there can be decent people and places on there I've heard more horror stories then good ones."

A quick search for bachelors on Kijiji turns up some more reasonable options.

For a bit more money, a bachelor with an actual stove and full-sized fridge is posted for $1,300 in East York.

Another place in Eglinton West that doesn't have an oven but at least has cabinets and a separate kitchen area is priced at $1,650.

bachelor apartment toronto

And there is a private entrance with access to a shared yard.

While the Parkdale place might not work for everyone, it is one of the cheaper units out there unless you want to live in a motel.

"It's a motel kitchenette," one person suggested. "It costs more than that to live at a motel, too. But the motel gives you coffee and clean sheets and towels whenever you ask. Also has a parking space lol."

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