69 brock street west uxbridge

You can buy your own bowling alley in Ontario for $90K

Bowling is one of the indoor activities people have missed during lockdown but if you love the sport, a business for sale in Ontario might be right up your alley.

Parish Lanes, a bowling alley in Uxbridge, is for sale for $90,000. Potential buyers should note that is the business only, not the building.

Bowling alleys in Toronto have struggled to stay afloat during the pandemic. But with announcements that the province is slowly reopening, now might be a good time to get into the business.

69 brock street west uxbridge

Parish Lanes in Uxbridge is for sale. Photo via Google Maps.

Parish Lanes has 12 lanes of five-pin bowling. The arcade games and the traditional bowling alley decor give it a retro look.

The place has glow-in-the-dark cosmic bowling with a new sound system.

69 brock street west uxbridge

There is a small arcade in the bowling alley with some retro games. Photo via Realtor.ca

It also comes with a snack bar with a liquor license and seating for 176 people.

There are pool tables and darts too.

Although the bowling alley has been closed under lockdown restrictions, the realtor notes this place has been upgraded to comply with COVID-19 protocols and safety measures.

69 brock street west uxbridge

The bowling alley has darts and pool tables too. Photo via Realtor.ca

If you aren't sure how to run a bowling alley, and honestly not many people would be, the owner is willing to stay on and help you learn the ropes.

It would take a move or commute to Uxbridge — a place close to trails and outdoor activities, and one of the towns Toronto residents are fleeing to. For those looking for a career change who have $90,000 to spend, this could be a fun choice.

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