435 grace st toronto

This laneway house in Toronto is a literal work of art and is renting for $5,500

A new laneway home has just hit Toronto's rental market, but it'll cost you $5,500 per month to live in it. 

Property owners of a three-bedroom detached house sitting behind the row of Grace Street homes across from Bickford Park are looking for new tenants. 

435 grace st toronto

Laneway house 5-435 Grace Street is up for rent at $5,500 per month.

Facing directly away from the park, 5-435 Grace St. sits on a piece of land that's just under 3,000 square feet.

One of the benefits of living in a laneway is that the facade of your home can look like anything you want it to without the neighbours complaining. 

435 grace st toronto

The two-storey home has three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

In this case, 5-435 Grace St., which was developed by Green Street Flats and designed by Craig Race Architecture, stays in keeping with alleyway aesthetics by being completely covered in a mural by Toronto artist Chris Perez, which was finished in December. 435 grace st toronto

One of three bathrooms is one of the more playful features in this house.

The home's interior is a sleeker vibe, with reclaimed wood and concrete floor details.

A glassy staircase leading upstairs from the kitchen, which features stainless steel appliances and quartz countertops.

435 grace st toronto

An upper-floor bedroom faces out directly into the neighbour's place across the street.

One washroom (of three) does sport some fun plant print wallpaper.

All this, plus – as the property's listing on Realtor.ca boasts – "blazing fast internet." Couple that with a 30-second walk to Bickford Park and you have an alleyway sanctuary fit for today's WFH era.

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Leonid Kotov

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