1278 davenport road toronto

The cheapest apartment in Toronto right now is $900 and was probably a garage

Finding a reasonable apartment in Toronto can be challenging.

Rents recently hit a four-year low due to the pandemic. In March, the median one-bedroom rent in Toronto was at just $1,750, the lowest in four years.

Still, it is difficult to find places for under $1,000 a month and they are usually dingy basement units.

1278 Davenport road

The apartment at 1278 Davenport Road used to be an Airbnb unit. Photo via Realtor.ca.

The apartment for rent at 1278 Davenport Road, unit U A, is listed for $900 a month.

1278 Davenport road

There is no kitchen but there is a bar fridge and desk. Photo via Realtor.ca.

This Regal Heights unit used to be an Airbnb but due to the lockdown and travel restrictions, the owner is now moving to a long-term rental, real estate agent Son Dam of Nuland Realty tells blogTO.

1278 davenport road

The unit on the left used to be the building's third garage. Google maps photo.

An old listing of the property on Zoocasa shows a garage where a unit is now. 

1278 Davenport road

A photo from a listing three years ago shows a third garage. Photo via Zoocasa.

The place is small — with one bedroom just big enough to fit the queen bed.

1278 davenport road

There is space for a queen-size bed but not much else. Photo via Realtor.ca.

It is designed like a hotel unit with a built-in television, mini-fridge and sitting area.

1278 davenport road

You are going to have to order in or get a microwave for meals here. Photo via Realtor.ca.

There is no kitchen.

Thankfully it does have a bathroom.

1278 davenport road

The bathroom looks large for such a tiny place. Photo via Realtor.ca.

The upside is, if you like the decor, the place comes fully furnished.

It doesn't have a parking spot but it is close to the TTC.

While a one-year lease is preferred, Dam says this is negotiable. This place could be a steal, if you don't mind living tiny.

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