951b greenwood toronto

This ramshackle garage in Toronto is selling for $729K

An aging garage in Toronto is now on the market for $729,000

The property at 951B Greenwood Ave.—a squat little depot with fading pink paint—has no bedrooms, bathrooms, nor kitchen, with nary a window in sight. It's the perfect place to raise a family (of raccoons). 

951B greenwood ave toronto

A detached garage at 951B Greenwood Ave. has been waiting to be redeveloped for years. 

Obviously, it's the 2,000-square-foot lot that investors will be after. 

Being pitched on Realtor.ca as the perfect purchase for builders and investors, 951B sits attractively close to Greenwood subway station and all the attractions of the Danforth.

But evidently nearby Monarch Park and the delicious restaurants in Little Ethiopia just aren't enough to lure in buyers.

951B greenwood ave toronto

The property's lot only spans 2,000 square feet.

The detached garage has been waiting to meet the wrecking ball for years. In 2019, the same property was up for sale for $600K. 

Evidently property owners are hopeful that today's real estate climate is right. They've upped the price by $129,000. 

951B greenwood ave toronto

The property includes a yard in the back that shares fences with neighbours and a driveway in the front.

The square footage will be a tight fit for any new build.

With a yard full of weeds in the back, 951B will need some serious creativity to transform this lot into a liveable home. 

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Loretta Phinney

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