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People are divided over this Toronto house that has its number painted on the front

A certain house in Toronto features has its number painted across the front, and people aren't sure how to feel about it.

While some feel the house is "number two" in their eyes, others online have reacted to photos of the house with positive comments, saying it sure must make it easy to get deliveries. Some even think the owners might have made the number so big because they were tired of people not being able to find their house.

The house with a giant "2" painted on it on Hallam St between Christie Pits and Davenport was only constructed recently; you won't find it trawling Google Street View.

In addition to the huge number which takes up the entire front facade, it also has distinctive chunky yellow and green window frames, a bright red door and striped car port posts.

"I bet the owner says 'You can't miss it!' with glee every single time he/she gives someone the address," wrote one commenter on Facebook group WEIRD TORONTO. "At least the mailman will never get the address wrong," wrote another.

Despite the practical applications of this sense of design, some are saying the house is an eyesore and that they wouldn't want to live near it.

"I'm usually so down with modern eye-sore houses but this is fugly af," one person wrote. "What an eyesore. I'd be pissed if I was a neighbour," wrote another.

However, far more people seem to be enjoying the colour the house adds to an area where people already express themselves freely by decorating their yards and houses. Yarmouth's infamous elephant isn't far away.

"That house is actually kind of cute and happy in a Sesame Street way," wrote a commenter. "Reminds me of a lego house," someone else said. One person actually saw the hate as an advantage, commenting, "That's fantastic! I bet their neighbours hate them which I think makes it all the better."

number house toronto

Street View image of what the house used to look like. Credit: Google Maps.

People who live in the neighbourhood are also amazed by the huge transformation of the property in general, with one person writing, "Love it ! It was a dull house before the reno."

Photos from Google show the "wee, normal house" the place was before — quite a small building set back from the street, which some people say they actually preferred.

"The beige base colour drives me crazy. I loved the old half house," wrote one commenter.

A delivery person confirmed that the huge number does actually help them out, though, writing, "as a fedex driver having my route in this area, it's a joy to deliver to this house."

However practical getting delveries may be at this place, some noted they'd need more natural light in their lives.

"It looks great but doesn't seem very practical. Very few windows," wrote one person. "I like it. Needs more windows tho," wrote another. "Front ones so small and weird to me to have none on the whole right side," replied the original poster. One commenter did point out that the window design might be for energy efficiency purposes, however.

Well, another year in Toronto, another house that "literally looks like a tab of acid." Walks around the neighbourhood are one of the most entertaining things to do right now, so why not engage in a little debate about the more eccentric houses in your area? Go out for a stroll and see which ones you can spot.

Lead photo by

Bryanna Reilly. Writing by Amy Carlberg.

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