halloween decorations toronto

These Toronto homes went totally over-the-top with decorations for Halloween

With Halloween just a few days away, house decorations are out in full force. Sure, carved pumpkins lining the staircase are cute, but what about full spooky lawn setups and creepy doll extravaganzas? These residentials are not playing around. 

Here are some Toronto homes that went totally over the top for Halloween decorations. 

Thornhill Woods Haunted House

The front yard of this Thornhill home at 1 Krisbury Avenue has transformed into a delightful nightmare every Halloween since 2004. Creepy music, gargoyle pillars and tech-controlled props can all be viewed for free, though donations for Sick Kids are appreciated. 

Brenyon Way

The McKenzies and the Pattersons always go all out when it comes to annual festivities, and this year is no different. Check out these two houses on Brenyon Way, replete with a gargantuan spider and its babies, a skull cemetery, a pet graveyard, and a forest of inflatable pumpkins. 

halloween decorations toronto

A house on Vaughan Road constructed a mooning pumpkin man. Photo by Courtney McLean. 

Mooning pumpkin man

It's like a snowman, but a Halloween version that's mooning us all. A home somewhere on Vaughan Road was seen playing host to this pair of pumpkin cheeks — simple but effective.

halloween decorations toronto

This strange pile of creepy stuff is both marvelous and confusing. Photo by John Oughton. 

Monstrous shipwreck

I don't really know what this is, but it's a mess, and I like it. This frontyard installations seen in the Beaches is hodgepodge of creepy masks, bloody pumpkins. and presumably some epic lighting at night. 'Tis the season to get weird. 

Leslieville Dollhouse

This abode at 37 Bertmount Avenue is jaw-droppingly ridiculous year-round (it's easily of the weirdest houses in the city), but during Halloween it gets a boost of lighting and pumpkins that make it an essential pitstop during spooky season. 

halloween decorations toronto

A pair of skeletons are stretching it out on the lawn of this Markham home. Photo by Will Gourley.

Yoga skeletons 

It appears some poor souls died while doing the downward dog on this Markham home's lawn. This decor is more funny than it is scary, though the idea of doing yoga or pilates can be terrifying for some. 

halloween decorations toronto

This is what happens when you drink too much. Photo by Patti Loach. 

Dead dinner party

This table set up at 16 Cedar Ave. has more interesting company than some dinner parties I've been to. The rest of the lawn has some eerie bits too, from hanging spiders to floating ghosts. 

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Thornhill Woods Haunted House

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