cedar street ajax toronto

Rental of the week: somewhere near the Ajax GO station

Okay, I know this isn't technically in the "City of Toronto" but it's in the GTA, and it's as bad as many of the terrible rentals Toronto has to offer. cedar street ajax toronto

Price-wise this place is sort of reasonable if you don't think about the $20 round trip commute you might have to endure every day. It's $850 per month for a one bed, although the entire apartment is 500 square-feet, so not super spacious.

cedar street ajax torontoThe actual bedroom part is fine. The ceilings are on the low-end and that TV looks precarious, but the furniture seems decent. There's even windows, and compared to some of the other rentals one can find, it's quite nice.

But then, there are some major red flags with the rest of this place.

The first sign that you should avoid this apartment at all costs is the fact that the landlord who posted this ad comes across as more demanding and suspicious than a parent whose child is about to go to an unchaperoned party for the first time.

cedar street ajax torontoThe listing reads: "PLEASE RESPOND WITH YOUR AGE AND WHAT YOU DO FOR A LIVING and how long there. Also your current residence and how long there."  

WHY ARE YOU YELLING? (Also, just on a quick legal note, landlords aren't allowed to ask your age).

The listing goes onto say: "PLEASE NOTE: Unit is for 1 person - single professional, no exceptions. No pets. No smoking. Kitchenette is for small meals not elaborate cooking."

The landlord lives downstairs, so this just seems like a nightmare living situation waiting to happen.

cedar street ajax torontoFor example, what if I want to try to cook a roast chicken in my toaster oven? Is that deemed too elaborate? Are they going to try and stop me? Sure, I'd probably set the whole thing on fire but thank goodness my shower is right there!

cedar street ajax torontoYeah, your read that right. The shower is in your kitchenette. You can make coffee while you get ready in the morning: that's how close the shower is to your hot plate. So practical!  

And, there only seems to be a shower in this apartment, no toilet. So I don't know if you have to share with the landlord or what, but the situation doesn’t seem ideal… or at least not for "number two's."

Maybe it's like that other place where you have to walk to the nearest Timmy’s to use their bathroom?  

  • Address: somewhere on Cedar Street
  • Type: One bedroom
  • Rent: $850/ month
  • Furnished? Yes
  • Utilities: No info
  • Air conditioning? There's a fan above the bed
  • Bedrooms: 1  
  • Bathrooms: Uhhhhh… no? Maybe?
  • Parking: Street
  • Laundry? No
  • Outdoor space? Maybe the landlord will let you chill in the yard.
  • Pet friendly? Nopecedar street ajax toronto
Good For

Saving water. There's no toilet to flush so, according to estimates, you can save between 11 and 27 litres of water.   

Move On If

You don't want to electrocute yourself getting out of the shower.  cedar street ajax toronto

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