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This is what's replacing Toronto's old downtown youth hostel

A tech-savvy 52-storey condo is finally going into pre-construction on a property where the much-loved, and now demolishedhostel Canadiana Backpackers Inn once stood. 

A far cry from the homey Victorian houses which once played host to a spectrum of itchy-footed wanderers from around the world, the new Central Condos is poising itself as the most futuristic development in the city.

central condos toronto

Central Condos will offer conference rooms (the doors won't be see-through) for at-home meetings. 

Geared toward technology users, Central will be the only condo in Toronto to provide charging stations for electronic vehicles in every parking stall: good news for anyone on the Tesla tip.

central condos toronto

There will be WiFi available throughout the condo including in the fitness centre, elevators, and parking lot.

The development also boosts full Wi-Fi coverage throughout the building, including in elevators and the underground garage. Residents will also be able to open the front door using NFC technology on their phones.

central condos toronto

The work lounge will provide an public space for residents who work from home. 

Shared-space offices will be available for residents who work from home, especially ideal for employees in the tech industry. The Campus meeting area will feature tables that act as charging stations, meaning simply placing your phone down will give your tech some extra juice. 

central condos toronto

Residential units will have smart thermostats using AI systems and heated balconies. 

In every residential unit, smart thermostats with artificial intelligence systems will control the temperature. For anyone who engages in the very 21st-century act of ordering their groceries online, Central will offer refrigerated lockers to store home delivery orders. 

The development — which is slated for completion in 2022 — is another project by Concord Adex, the same group behind CityPlace and North York's Concord Park Place. 

Central will have 426 units available, with pre-launch sales for the city's most tech-centric condo running from $400,000 to upwards of a whopping $800,000. 

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