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10 new things coming to the 2019 CNE in Toronto

The 2019 CNE will be one of the true highlights of the summer in Toronto, bringing with it the promise of carnival rides and sweet scents wafting through the Exhibition grounds. This year, there's lots of new stuff to look forward to that embody the spirit of summer in the city.

Here are some of the new things coming to The CNE in Toronto this year.

Take a selfie beside a trash panda

Love them or hate them, raccoons are Toronto's unofficial mascot. This exhibit looks to celebrate the cute critters with twelve fibreglass sculptures painted by persons from various abilities stationed outside and ready to greet all who enter the grounds.

Travel the world through stunning photographs

Of the thousands of visually stunning images of wildlife, people and places around the world, this exhibition contains just 50 taken from National Geographic's extensive catalogue, including the famous "Afghan Girl" photo and scenes from the wreck of the Titanic.

See the King of Monsters takeover the waterfront

It's been 65 years since Ishiro Honda’s Godzilla and there's been no shortage of remakes since. Now the iconic sea monster is making its way to Toronto's waterfront in the form of a 30-foot inflatable replica that just might fill the giant rubber duck-sized hole our hearts.

Fill up on tons of cheap eats for under 6 bucks

Eatin' good doesn't have to break the bank and soon you'll have the opportunity to fill up on a new menu of yummy treats for $6 or less and save those pennies for a rainy day.

Dress to impress at Cosplay Day

Easily one of the biggest events of the summer, Fan Expo takes place during the CNE and the two have teamed up for a big cosplay picnic, parade and car show with the DeLorean from Back to the FutureK.I.T.T. and Herbie the Love Bug on display.

Get groovy at a Woodstock weekend festival

This year marks the 50th anniversary of what started out as a typical summer festival and ballooned into the biggest musical event in history. The Ex is ready to celebrate the legacy of Woodstock with tribute musicians performing songs from the festival.

Check out the killer moves of the ILL-ABILITIES Dance Crew

The all-star break dancers of the ILL-ABILITIES Dance Crew arrive to pop it and lock it for all to see while their crew of differently-abled dancers bring with them plenty of positive energy.

Watch legendary Canadian musicians take the stage

Walk Off the Earth, Jann Arden, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Spencer BurtonDelaney Jane, A Tribe Called Red, John Vinyl and Burton Cummings are just some of the many Canadian musicians dropping by to take the stage during this year's concert series, all free with admission.

Push it to the limit at The EX Race

Cargo crawls, a salmon ladder and 10-foot warped wall inspired by American Ninja Warrior are all part of this adrenaline-fuelled experience that's designed to test your mental and physical agility for the chance to win some sweet prizes.

Bust at gut laughing with some good ol' Canadian humour

Canadians have their own unique sense of humour and there's no shortage of it at the new “The World According to Canada” comedy night series with funny folk from all over the country bringing the laughs.

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Hector Vasquez

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