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The Weeknd makes lame attempt at calling out Rolling Stone magazine

Toronto's very own The Weeknd is catching some heat after a lame attempt at clapping back at Rolling Stone over a bombshell article revealing some serious allegations about his new show.

A couple of days ago, the magazine published a telling expose about HBO's new drama series The Idol, which was created by and stars Abel "The Weeknd" Tesfaye. 

That article cited personal stories from 13 different sources and dubbed the forthcoming show (touted to be the next Euphoria) "twisted torture porn."

The dramatic events outlined in the article trace back to last April, when the show's original director, Amy Seimetz, left the project after nearly 80 per cent of it had been filmed.

New director Sam Levinson took over and scrapped the almost-finished series, reshooting the entire thing.

Sources claim that Levison got rid of the show's original message, which had been crafted by Seimetz, and turned it into something different entirely. Something scary.

"Four sources say that Levinson ultimately scrapped Seimetz's approach to the story, making it less about a troubled starlet falling victim to a predatory industry figure and fighting to reclaim her own agency, and more of a degrading love story with a hollow message that some crew members describe as being offensive," reads the Rolling Stone article, written by Cheyenne Roundtree.

The piece goes on to allege a major lack of organization on the production, a terrible work environment and, most scarily, a system of male-led egos writing and directing a rape fantasy.

From the article: "At various points, Levinson's scripts contained disturbing sexual and physically violent scenes between Depp and Tesfaye's characters, three sources familiar with the matter claim. In one draft episode, there allegedly was a scene where Tesfaye bashes in Depp's face, and her character smiles and asks to be beaten more, giving Tesfaye an erection."

Instead of providing a comment to Rolling Stone, as he was provided a chance to, The Weeknd shared a silly video reaction alongside fellow Canadian Dan Levy and actress Lily-Rose Depp, star of the show.

In the nearly minute-long video, Levy is speaking to Tesafay and Depp (as characters they play in show,) persuading them to do an interview with Rolling Stone.

Both Depp and Tesafaye say that the California-based magazine is a "little irrelevant," and "past its prime."

"Yeah, nobody cares about Rolling Stone," says Tesfaye's character before comparing the magazine's six million followers ("half of them probably bots," he jabs) to the 78 million "all real" people following Depp's fictional character, Jocelyn,

"So she does a photo shoot, she tags them, they get her more followers, more money for Rolling Stone, nothing for Jocelyn," says Tesfaye as his character, Tedros, who is described on Wikipedia as Jocelyn's love interest and "a self-help guru/leader of a modern-day cult."

Once The Weeknd's video was published, the heat started turning up, with many calling out the poorly-written script, brutal acting and overall lame attempt and somehow shading the magazine.

Others quickly pointed out that the Weeknd has appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone three times, most recently in September 2020.

HBO has yet to set a release specific date for The Idol, but the series is scheduled to premiere sometime in 2023.

After these recent allegations, however, it's unclear what will happen to the show.

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