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Backstreet Boys legend AJ McLean says he'd move to Toronto in a heartbeat

Now tell me why: a member of the '90s boy band Backstreet Boys would want to move to Toronto? Even for AJ McLean, the prices "ain't nothing but a heartache."

Singer AJ McLean was in Toronto on Thursday, meeting fans and even painting their nails with his own nail polish brand, Ava Dean, in town promoting his new show on Paramount+The Fashion Hero: A New Kind of Beautiful.

blogTO had a chance to briefly speak with the 45-year-old boy band idol, all while having our nails done by a real Backstreet Boy.

When asked if he's enjoying his time in Toronto, McLean said, "I love it here, I absolutely freakin' love it. I would move here in a heartbeat".

Unfortunately, Toronto's housing market couldn't promise McLean that it'll never break his heart, or make him cry. "I have seen the prices go up, though," acknowledged McLean.

It's no secret that buying a home in Toronto is expensive. For many who want to move to this city, it's their...one desire. Even for someone like McLean.

Recently, data released by the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) says home sales have declined, however, home prices continue to climb.

For McLean, if he were to move to the city, it wouldn't be in a high-rise or condo. "I like outside the city. There are some nice high-rise, nice apartments. But I'd like a house, with some property."

Having more space is important to McLean, who is a father of two girls. "When you have kids, you'd want to have a big backyard"

Despite the high cost of housing in Toronto, AJ McLean says he does love the city. "I like the fashion, the people, the nightlife and the food. Just everything"

Please try and forgive us, AJ. The housing market has the power to make us all weak inside. Even if we are "two worlds apart," if there is something you could do, so help us, we can't win this war.

The Toronto housing market just needs to quit playing games with our hearts.

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Kris Pangilinan

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