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Toronto man went to Qatar to watch World Cup and created a music video while there

Although the official single for the 2022 Fifa World Cup is the catchy "Tukoh Taka," one Toronto man just released his own anthem and music video to the celebrate soccer tournament, and it's all about showcasing Canada's contributions. 

Kisho Kumar, who is also known as artist Chikaadee, is from Toronto and currently in Doha, Qatar, where he just finished making his music video called "MY QATAR (Yalla Habibi)."

Kumar was born in Sri Lanka but came to the Canada at the age of two, and began making music in 2007. He regularly travels to countries around the world and makes music in English, as well as Tamil and Hindi. 

Kumar told blogTO that he went to Qatar as a soccer fan, but also to film the music video for his song, which he wrote while in Qatar for a business trip in 2015. 

The entire video was filmed over three months in Qatar, and also features three female artists from Cuba, Kyrgyzstan, and Sri Lanka. 

"Once hearing that Canada had finally made it back to the World Cup stage after 36 long years, I knew I had to get out there and support and represent," Kumar explained. "This video is to show Canadians in Qatar and how we've been able to captivate the people in Qatar with our music, creativity, love and passion." 

The 5-minute music video shows Chikaadee checking into a hotel in Qatar accompanied by a posse of soccer players, lifting a Canadian flag in support, and singing along with residents of Doha. 

Although Canada didn't make it out of the first round of this year's World Cup, Kumar says the music video was made as an "appreciation video for Qatar and Canada." 

The music video was uploaded on Dec. 1 and has already amassed over 15k views at the time of writing.

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