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Elton John pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II at Toronto concert

As many expected, Sir Elton John paid a heartfelt tribute to Queen Elizabeth II in Toronto on Thursday evening during his second of two shows at the Rogers Centre.

Less than 12 hours after her passing, John — who is known for having an intimate personal relationship with the Queen and the Royal Family for many years — dedicated his old hit Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me to her after a few beautiful words about her impact.

"We have the saddest news about the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. She was an inspiring person to be around... She led the country though some of our greatest and darkest moments with grace, decency and a genuine care and warmth," he began, going on to talk about their connection and her role in his life.

"I'm 75 — she's been with me all my life and I feel very sad that she won't be with me anymore. But I'm glad she's at peace, and I'm glad she's at rest. She deserves it because she's worked bloody hard."

He then asked the audience to help him celebrate her life with music before beginning the song.

Earlier in the day, John had released a statement on social media commemorating the Queen's life and mourning her loss, noting that she was a huge part of his life from when he was a child.

"I will miss her dearly," he wrote.

The two spent much time together; he performed at Prince Andrew's 21st birthday (at which he and the Queen shared a dance), as well as at Princess Diana's funeral. He also, of course, was knighted by her in 1998.

At his two shows, Elton also called Toronto his second home, his husband, David Furnish, being from here.

His tribute to the Queen was one fans in attendance at the show were anxiously waiting for, wondering how he would mark her death — next up, they hope, is a new song in her honour.

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Elton John pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II at Toronto concert

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