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Completely bonkers meme has people asking long-dead musicians to perform in Toronto

Check out the comments section on the YouTube videos of any popular artist, and you're bound to see requests from fans for shows in their hometown.

Memes have developed around these persistent demands, most notably the famous "Come to Brazil" gag. But there's another, similar online joke that's been circulating for years, and this one asks long-dead artists to visit places like Toronto.

These artists include the legendary Ludwig van Beethoven, who died almost two centuries ago in 1827, nearly seven years before the town of York was incorporated and renamed Toronto.

If there were levels of deadness, ole' Ludwig Van would be right up at the top tier.

In what is quite possibly a Photoshop job (I have scrolled through years of comments on the supposed video in question,) a YouTube commenter asks, "Please come to Toronto I'm ur biggest fan."

The top response simply reads, "Beethoven is died."

A perfect exchange that I am honestly hoping is genuine and not a (much more likely) tongue-in-cheek Gen Z irony thing.

Variations of the meme have been around for at least two years, but they still manage to draw in views every time one gets re-posted to a different platform.

One spin on the meme, complete with the same initial comment and poorly-worded response, has also been applied to rapper XXXTentation, who was killed during a 2018 armed robbery in Miami.

A few are playing along with the meme on Twitter, feigning surprise at the death of the classical music legend.

The mind behind the music may be long-gone, but this possibly uninformed fan (if they even exist) should be delighted to hear that you can still see Beethoven's music performed live by a conductor who still has functional hearing.

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