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This Toronto venue is checking for proof of vaccination on a case-by-case basis

As the requirement for public places in Toronto that were previously mandated to check for proof of vaccination has dropped, one place is moving forward with checking for it on a case-by-case basis.

Phoenix Concert Theatre has announced that moving forward, they'll be checking for proof of vaccination at their events based on the wishes of the promoter or artist for the night.

They should be listing the requirements for each individual show as the information becomes available. People are still required to wear masks at the venue.

"Please respect the wishes of the artists as we move through to the next phase of reopening," reads the announcement from the Phoenix on their social media.

For example, Mar. 10 and 11 shows for Sammy Rae & Friends and a Mar. 20 Mayday Parade show are listed on the Phoenix website with a note that full vaccination will be required for entry.

There has been a lot of positive response to the venue's announcement online, but of course comments on their Instagram announcement are a mixed bag.

"Great way to handle this," someone commented.

"I think that's an amazing way to move forward at this time, taking into account and respecting the comfort level of those coming to your venue to work or for entertainment," someone else wrote.

"Admire this decision," commented someone else. "Love that you're letting the artists & promoters choose what's best for their show. The public can choose to attend or not to."

As usual, those opposed to the announcement have been vocal about it.

"So based on the 'science' these ridiculous mandates are finally dropped yet businesses are willingly still choosing to entertain this nonsense and still discriminate even though there is ZERO difference whether someone is vaccinated or not," one person commented.

"Won't go to any place that's [sic] supports paranoia and tyranny over nothing. Bye Phoenix was nice knowing you," someone else commented. 

"Btw. Just unfollowed. You're not cool anymore @thephoenixtoronto," commented someone else.

One person managed to come up with a fairly balanced reply to those opposed to the policy at the Phoenix.

"Grow up… if you can't get over passports don’t go out," they wrote. "It's everyone's choice. A line has been drawn and we need to move past new divisions… let chill…. relax and realize we are ok… everything will be fine."

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