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Harry Styles has launched a scavenger hunt in Toronto to promote his upcoming album

British singer-songwriter Harry Styles has just announced the release of his new upcoming album, Harry's House, out on May 20. With this announcement, the singer also dropped a new website and when you inspect the code elements, a series of coordinates pop up under "coords_poster".

Luckily for Toronto fans, specific coordinates have popped up for a promotional scavenger hunt, and a special poster will be found somewhere in the city.

After working out the coordinates, fans have discovered that the poster is located somewhere at City Hall. This news has sent fans into a frenzied outdoor mission around Toronto trying to find the poster.

Toronto fans have rushed to the location, hoping to get a glimpse and photo of the poster but to their disappointment, nothing was found at the location.

City Hall is a big space and no one has been able to locate exactly where the poster is hung up.

One fan had covered a bigger radius, even walking towards Massey Hall, in hopes to spot the poster.

Some are even convinced there's no poster in Toronto since no one has found it yet.

Although no Toronto fans have been able to find the poster as of yet, fans across the world have been able to find their local poster or billboard.

The posters were also spotted in Ottawa but unfortunately, some fans have already ripped one down.

This isn't the first time Harry Styles has done this to promote a recent record. Styles hid promotional posters in Kensington Market in Dec. 2020 to promote his album Fine Line.

Harry Styles has some dedicated fans so hopefully, someone will be able to spot the posters soon and let others know so they can check them out. 

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