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Conan Gray was spotted meeting fans in Toronto before his show

American singer-songwriter Conan Gray is currently on his 2022 World Tour and luckily for his fans here, he has not one, but two stops in Toronto.

All day, eager fans have been patiently waiting to be one of the first inside the venue, hoping to be at the front barricade at his show.

For those dedicated fans who waited at History all day, some even overnight, were able to catch a glimpse of him before his show.

The Heather singer was spotted greeting fans outside the venue hours before opening.

It's not your everyday occurrence when an artist you're going to see later that night comes out to say hello to fans, so most where overwhelmed with their excitement.

One fan was shocked to see him come outside of the venue right as she was about to go into work.

Gray was also spotted not only receiving flowers from fans but also handing out roses to his fans.

Fans beamed with excitement after getting a rose from Conan.

For fans who weren't able to meet him before the show, no worries as the singer also came out after the show to meet fans.

Fans posted photos of themselves smiling ear to ear with Conan, so happy to get the chance to meet him.

If you missed out on seeing him last night, no need to fear as Gray has a second Toronto show. Make sure to act quickly if you want to be front barricade as fans have already been spotted lining up for the show.

Conan Gray will be performing at History tonight, with special guest bülow. I don't know about you, but I've got my tickets and outfit ready for tonight.

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