Toronto Muslim musician says man fled in fear from her on flight

Toronto musician Nemahsis described an experience on a flight from Toronto to Los Angles that inspired the song.

Nemahsis (Nemah Hasan) a Toronto musician who released her debut single last year, says she wrote the soon-to-be released song, "I am not going to kill you", after an encounter on a flight.

While on the flight from Toronto to Los Nemahsis says a tall, middle-aged man sat beside her.

"I noticed he was like super nervous and kind of uncomfortable before takeoff," she says in a popular TikTok video describing the incident.

She was in the aisle seat and offered her seat to him. He took it without saying much.

"He doesn't say anything we take off and he's still super anxious and I'm like poor guy, so nervous to fly or whatever."

Then as soon as the plane levels out and the seatbelt sign switches off, the man bolted from the seat.

"So this guy takes off a seatbelt flies out of the seat," she says.

At first, Nemahsis thought he urgently had to go to the bathroom but after 30 minutes passed and he didn't return, she started to wonder what happened to him. When a flight attendant walked by, she asked what happened to the man.

The flight attendant looked embarrassed and told her that the man "didn't feel safe, and he asked to switch seats."

Nemahsis says the flight attendant couldn't believe the man felt this way.

"She was kind of saying like 'can you believe that guy' like she kind of felt bad for me that this is even like my truth."

The man was much larger than her.

"So this six-foot-something, middle-aged dude was scared of me a five-foot-nothing hijabi Muslim girl sitting on the flight next to him. Are you kidding me?"

She went on to say the incident inspired her new song because she would not hurt him.

But Muslim people in Canada have been the targets of a rising number of hate attacks including four people killed in a hate-motivated hit and run in London, Ontario, and the Quebec City mosque shooting.

"You're scared of me on a plane, but then I'm scared to walk at night because of you," Nemahsis says.

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