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Person in Toronto pleads for return of stolen acoustic guitar

A person's guitar was stolen from her home in Toronto and now she's pleading for its return: way to kick a musician when she's already down during this pandemic, which has seen lots of restrictions placed on musical activities.

"I am sad and distressed to report that a couple nights ago — while I was not home — somebody smashed in the front door of my apartment and made off with a number of things, including my beautiful, beloved Lowden acoustic guitar," reads a March 10 Facebook post from Kristin Sweetland.

"I don't know what the chances are of ever getting her back again, but I definitely believe in magic and the infinite power of social media."

The post has hundreds of likes, with lots of people offering assistance and expressing their sympathies.

The musician is looking for her Lowden acoustic guitar along with its case. She describes the guitar as having red cedar top with mahogany back and sides and pearly orange tuning pegs, a model 0-10 with serial number 11920. It can be seen in the video for her song Sunstone.

"We've been everywhere together, from the jungles of Mexico all the way up to the Canadian Arctic circle and back and forth across North America more times than I can even remember. I'm super happy to take the guitar back, no questions asked," says Sweetland.

"Not to compare guitars with dogs...the fact that Lady Gaga got her dogs back is my very favourite news story of 2021 so far. That absolutely broke my heart. However, guitars are not mere inanimate objects to the artists who love them. They represent a history, they are an appendage, they are a true part of their soul."

Sweetland, who is also a photographer and self-portrait artist who was part of VIA Rail's Artists on Board program, discovered the guitar had been stolen from her Corktown apartment on March 9. She asks that anyone with any information contact Toronto Police Services' anonymous hotline at 416-222-TIPS (8477) or file a report online. 

"The current update on how it's going is mostly social media response... which has been amazing. However, the police are on it, my boyfriend has been calling all the pawn shops for me every day and I've been reaching out to other media outlets, and have had some response from some radio hosts, which is freaking great," Sweetland told blogTO.

She has also contacted Lowden Guitars in Northern Ireland and they are going to try and get the word out.

"I think my very next step might be driving around the neighbourhood to look in ditches and alleyways...or perhaps for folks carrying random guitars around?"

Though she doesn't have any leads on the guitar so far, Sweetland remains and perpetual optimist like the dreamer and artist she is.

"In my dream world it will just appear back on my doorstep with a note and maybe some flowers...or cookies?"

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Jen Squires

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