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Drake makes surprise appearance in State Farm commercial during Super Bowl

He may not have headlined the halftime show like his one-time mentee The Weeknd, but Drake did pop up briefly during the Super Bowl LV broadcast on Sunday night  — and his seconds-long performance is recieving equally rapturous reviews.

There's no Drake the world likes better than funny, self-deprecating Drake, after all, as State Farm clearly noticed and capitalized upon for its 2021 Super Bowl commercial.

The insurance giant's 30-second-long advertisement featured not only Drizzy as "Drake from State Farm," but two NFL quarterbacks (Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers.)

Actor Paul Rudd also makes a brief yet hilarious appearance, keeping in line with the ever-intensifying trend among advertisers of stuffing A-list celebrities into their Super Bowl spots.

The ad begins with Rodgers and Mahomes bemoaning how little they resemble the "lookalikes" chosen to be their stand-ins for a State Farm commercial.

"Look guys, I don't even have a stand-in!" replies State Farm's longtime mascot "Jake from State Farm" as the camera pans to a swole-looking Drake sizing up snacks at the craft services table.

"Hold on, is that Drake?" says Mahomes.

"That's right," replies the Grammy-winning Canadian superstar as he turns toward the camera. "I'm Drake from State Farm."

Jake then joins Drake to deliver the company's iconic slogan, "Like a good neighbour, State Farm is there." The duo tries and fails twice to say the line together before Jake tells Drake that "stand-ins don't have lines."

"Oh okay," says Drake, who watches Jake deliver the line alone while biting into a piece of fruit.

While simple in concept, the ad worked to get people talking about the brand — as commercials featuring celebrities being silly tend do.

Fans of Drake are swooning over the ad and pointing out how buff the Toronto rapper, actor and business mogul seems to  be right now. That, or telling him to stop doing cheesy commercials and drop the new album already.

The release of Drake's sixth full-length studio album, Certified Lover Boy, was famously pushed back in January after Drizzy underwent surgery for what many have speculated was a torn ACL.

It is not clear when the State Farm commercial was filmed, but fans are optimistic either way to see their boy back on his feet (and in a tight red polo).

"It's embarrassing how I still find Drake hot," joked one fan on Twitter. "The man is corny as hell, but that State Farm commercial had me hooked."

"Called State Farm and asked for Drake," tweeted another. "I didn't get far. But the lady said nice try lmao."

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