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Toronto venue is going to try to put on live music shows during Stage 3

One venue in Toronto is taking the plunge in Stage 3 and starting to attempt booking live music shows this summer.

Antikka is a vinyl shop and cafe well suited to small shows, which seem to be more possible under the guidelines laid out for Stage 3.

"Singing or music may be performed by a person or group at the restaurant or bar, with restrictions, including barriers between the performers and patrons and physical distancing," read the guidelines. "Dancing may only be performed by someone working at the establishment with restrictions."

So basically, intimate acoustic shows could be a go, not so much on punk shows with mosh pits or sold-out stadiums. 

"Establishments must take appropriate measures to ensure physical distancing of at least two metres between patrons from different tables, unless separated by plexiglass or some other impermeable barrier," the guidelines also read.

Antikka owner Razmik Tchakmak is confident the cafe can "ensure that the space is safe for not only our patrons but also the performers."

"We are going to be starting off with some smaller one person acoustic shows/duos for the time being. We are looking into getting plexiglass to divide the performers from the audience. We will also be socially distancing all the tables and only doing the tickets through presell/reservation," Tchakmak says. 

"That way we will be able to have control over how many people are in here and who sits where while also maintaining operation at half capacity. We will be upping the price of the shows only by a small margin and all of the money from ticket sales will be going to the performers. We won't be taking any cut from that."

He says that they "are very excited to have live music return to Antikka as it has been an integral part of our business since the inception and a fundamental part of our community building" and "understand that it has been a difficult time for musicians and want to make sure that we are a crucial part of getting them back on their feet."

They're currently in talks with a diverse range of performers and musicians, and though nothing has been nailed down yet Antikka is planning on having four shows in August. You could be swaying to the soft but sweet sounds of live music in an actual venue sooner than you think.

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Hector Vasquez

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