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The 11 most anticipated concerts for Toronto in 2019

The most anticipated concerts for 2019 in Toronto include popstars who are teens, musicians who appeal to teens, and bands who help us relive our teens. It's a solid line-up with something for everyone, regardless of your musical tastes. 

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    • March 7
      American rapper and Stormi's dad is hitting Toronto on his world tour to put us all in sicko mode.
      Scotiabank Arena
    • March 14
      Get your honey at this bop of a show from Swede queen whose last album was almost a decade ago.
    • March 20
      Get out your face paint and be ready to rock and roll all night with this stellar band at the end of their road.
      Scotiabank Arena
    • August 18
      Raise your glass to pop's favourite bad girl. She's back to tell the truth about love with her Beautiful Trauma tour
      Scotiabank Arena
    • June 25
      The celebrity hall pass of everyone's mom (who you secretly like too) is performing hit songs from Broadway and film with a live orchestra.
      Scotiabank Arena
    • June 26
      She taught me love, she taught me patience, and she taught me pain by making us wait until June to see her Sweetener tour.
      Scotiabank Arena
    • July 17
      As long as there is music, they'll be coming back again. Dredge up your middle school memories of arguing over which BSB is your fave (Howie because I like to fix people) at this throwback concert.
      Scotiabank Arena
    • July 28
      The members of Queen have teamed up with American Idol participant Adam Lambert for a show that looks admittedly fun.
      Scotiabank Arena
    • September 6
      This homegrown hero will play his first ever stadium show in his hometown to wrap up the North American leg of his global arena tour.
      Rogers Centre
    • October 23
      Feel the love tonight with one of the world's greatest rockers in the world as he says goodbye to the yellow brick road.
      Scotiabank Arena
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