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Drake fans blamed for brawl at Pusha T concert in Toronto

In fair Toronto where we lay our scene, from ancient rap beef break to new mutiny, where Drake stan blood makes Drake stan hands unclean.

Or so the story goes.

Grammy-nominated American rapper Pusha T had his set cut short at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto on Tuesday night after just 40 minutes, by most accounts, when multiple audience members lobbed bottles of what is thought to be alcohol at him on stage.

Pusha, a longtime lyrical rival of Toronto's hometown hero Drake, was in the middle of performing his song 'M.F.T.R.' when liquid and debris started flying toward him from the crowd.

The artist was quick to hop out of the way, making room for security guards to throw down on three men who had rushed the stage.

It took about 10 seconds for the internet to explode with speculation: Was Pusha T hurt? (No. He didn't even get hit.) Was this is all a part of Drake's God's plan? (Uh... probably not.)

Was this all the work of Drake's wild fans? (Nobody seems to want to believe anything otherwise, so sure.)

Pusha did come back out onstage after a brief period of chaos to address the situation, implying that someone had paid the men to throw beer at him.

"The f*ck is that?" he asked the crowd. "Y'all know where the f*ck I'm from? You don't even know!" (It's Virginia Beach, btw.) "Keep going in this bitch!"

The rapper then went on to perform a few more songs to, as one fan put it "take subliminal shots at Drake."

I mean, it's not entirely off the mark. Of all the tracks he could have chosen to perform at that point, Pusha chose 'Infrared' and 'The Story Of Adonis'—you know, his response to Drake's diss track 'Duppy Freestyle'? The one that famously outed Drake as having a secret son?

At least one of Pusha T's bodyguards was seen onstage holding a 2x4 during that post-brawl mini set, much to the delight of people on Twitter.

Toronto Police made the call to shut down the concert shortly thereafter, blocking off the Broadview and Danforth area for about an hour to investigate.

Later in the evening, police say a man walked into a local hospital with serious stab wounds that they believe he sustained "in either the initial fight or another fight that may have occurred afterwards."

The man, who had been attending the concert with friends, underwent surgery overnight and is currently in critical condition.

Nobody has yet been arrested in relation to the incident.

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