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The 10 worst concert venue washrooms in Toronto

The washrooms at concert venues aren't typically pristine places, but in Toronto we have our fair share of really bad ones. For some, this is just part of the edgy charm of the venue, while for others the nasty washroom is an experience to be survived and forgotten. In any case, make sure to wash your hands. Thank you.

Here are my picks for the concert venues with the worst washrooms in Toronto.

Sneaky Dee's
It's no surprise that the washrooms here are covered with wall-to-wall graffiti, but after a few beers it makes it extra tough to tell which one is the guys or girls as they both look exactly the same.

The Rock Pile
For the size of the venue the washrooms are tragically small - you can only fit three people in at a time. But the worst part is how dirty they are. Be prepared to tip toe in and out of them.

Hard Luck
Up three flights of stairs, the washroom at this Dundas West spot is so tight you need to squeeze past whoever is inside just to get out. Definitely not for those with personal space issues.

The Rivoli
It's like the Rivoli totally forgot about the washrooms when making the building and were forced to put them in an empty closet. It's time for a reno.

The Danforth Music Hall
The legendary Danforth concert venue has the capacity to hold a couple thousand people, but the washrooms have the space to hold maybe four people. Expect long lines just to get in and then expect a room you don't want to spend more than two minutes in.

The washrooms are pretty clean here most of the time, but they're down two sets of stairs and around a hallway. It's not a big deal at the start of the night, but after a few beers and lots of dancing it gets more difficult to navigate.

The Horseshoe Tavern
The only thing that isn't legendary about the Horeshoe is their washrooms. During big shows it can get very tight in these old spaces, especially as one the stalls is almost always out of order.

Molson Canadian Amphitheatre
The outdoor concert venue is not the best place to go to the bathroom. Picture a public pool washroom, complete with litter and and terribly long lineups.

The Rogers Centre
It's the large crowds here that are the issue. The design of the washrooms just can meet the heavy demand during peak times when thousands of concert-goers all need relief at the same time. It can become like a swamp with toilet paper here.

The Mod Club
The washroom here is found by going down two sets of stairs far away from the main floor. If you're at the back of the venue, get ready to push past tons of sweaty people dancing to reach your destination.

What did I miss? Add your suggestions for the concert venues with the worst washrooms in the comments.

Writing by Andrew Uyeno. Photo by Will on Flickr

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