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The top 10 wedding DJ and music options in Toronto

Looking for a DJ or live music for your wedding in Toronto? As with any party, music can make or break a reception; you don't want to spend your own celebration manning iTunes, but you also don't want a DJ leaning on the Britney hits of yesteryear (at least, not until after everyone's had a few glasses of wine). Whether you're into pop, soul, oldies, jazz, or all of the above, you won't go wrong with these options.

Here are my picks for the top wedding DJ and live music options in Toronto.

Oldies 990
Though they play plenty of bar shows (and pack the dance floor at each and every one), this band of bowling-shirted fellas will also bring their note-perfect renditions of pre-British Invasion tunes '50s and '60s tunes (think "Let's Twist Again" and "The Book Of Love") to your reception.

Dougie Boom
Over his 15-year DJ career, Dougie Boom's played club gigs with the likes of Mark Ronson and Chromeo, and spun at private parties for everyone from TIFF to Levi's and Jack Daniels. He counts weddings among his private DJing gigs, with a 50,000-song library at his disposal.

The Intentions
While they've got their own catalog of funk and soul tunes, this 11-piece band moonlights as a wedding band specializing in Motown classics. The full ensemble is also often called upon to split up and perform as classical trios and duos, vocal trios, jazz quartets, and even DJs - between all of them, they'll have your musical needs covered.

The St. Royals
If you're really looking to make a major splash with guests, this mega-band bills themselves as "Toronto's undisputed kings of Motown and soul", bringing an extensive repertoire of classic hits that extends all the way to pop, funk and R&B. Hire them as a seven-piece, nine-piece, or the "superband"; their banner also includes jazz and string ensembles, soloists and DJs.

Bounce Productions
When he's not hosting some of Toronto's top karaoke nights, Rolland puts his signature sense of fun into his Bounce Productions imprint, which hires out wedding DJs (all of whom can double as MCs). One major selling point: Their "walk around request system", which stops at every table and asks what folks are looking do dance to.

Maximum DJ
This fleet of Etobicoke-based DJs prides themselves on "playing the music you want to hear" from their library of tens of thousands of tunes (including selections from around the world). They'll choose the perfect person to play your party based on the ceremony you've got in mind, and their DJs are also equipped to handle MC duties.

Indie Wedding DJ
DJ Justin Jacques promises a fromage-free musical experience for your wedding. However, lest you're picturing a lot of acoustic songs with "hey!" hollered in the background, his playlists hop between genres and decades seamlessly - perfect if your own record collection includes oldies, '90s rap and modern pop.

The Sound Parade
This five-piece band can do Top 40, funk, rock, R&B, and everything in between - and they've got 1200 shows under their belts to prove it. The band is a five-piece at its core, but can go down to a three-piece jazz combo or a 10-member band with horns depending on your needs. (You can also book a photographer and DJ as a package.)

Lady Be Good
Led by singer Kat Langdon, this quartet balances old and new, flipping between classic jazz, modern pop, and a little R&B thrown in. They can also perform as a duo (vocals/keyboard), trio (vocals/keyboard/bass) or larger ensemble (with guitar, horns, sax, extra singers - you name it).

Think of these guys as the young Toronto urbanite's jazz combo of choice - the "indie jazz trio" boasts a repertoire that features Feist covers right alongside genre classics. (More proof: They just played indie wedding tradeshow Rebash.) Their focus is on creating a customized feel for each event, rolling ably with the vibe in the room to score your celebration perfectly.

Did I miss any? Leave your picks for the best wedding music, band and DJ options in Toronto in the comments.

Photo via St. Royal Entertainment.

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