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The top concerts in Toronto October, 2014

The top concerts in Toronto this October are gearing up for Halloween early, from Placebo to Trust to Father Murphy to (uh?) Satan and The Wytches on to everyone's favourite every-day barista costume, Stevie Nicks. I find that if custumers suspect you might be a witch of some sort, they tip better.

Placebo warbling on the stereo, black cloak all around me, haven't brushed my hair since last winter, lace cuffs dirty with ground espresso, judging you for adding cream. Clink clink. I know you're goth 5ever, Toronto, but I also know you need cuddles, so here are the month's Toronto music Craigslist missed connections before we press on to the top concerts.

Please pay attention to the lessons of Indie88 Concert - Where did you go?. Spent the show staring into "bright blue eyes" that make you feel "so warm inside" you "completely forgot what was going on," then held hands with this stranger for the last twenty minutes of the gig? Get a number. An email. An Instagram handle. Come on, plaid wearing cuties, before that creeper Cupid from Ally McBeal whacks you. Indie88, if you haven't read this French Vanilla masterpiece on air yet I'm begging you, please.

Moving on to other hope(less? ful?) tales, if you were at Riot Fest, maybe someone is looking for you. Here are your options (choose wisely): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Zac Efron. If you were an older man at the Black Keys, this troll is ready to troll you. Or not? Other Black Keys dreams: 1, 2. Wanna vibe with a Motley Crue fan who can't spell? I'm not sure you need the internet for that.

Choice Gaslight Anthem experience: "we kind of felt each other up near the end of the concert." Then there's Alone at the Russian Circles show - m4w (Lee's Palace), which speaks for itself. Good luck, boring nerdy white guy with a blue raincoat, black sweater (not my description) (I swear). The Weeknd missed connections are surprisingly super boring.

Finally, Sebastian - "you know The National are playing at Massey Hall on Oct. 25, right?" (It's true).

Here are the top concerts in Toronto for October 2014.

Constantines - October 2 and 3 - Danforth Music Hall
Arguably one of the best rock bands from these parts, the Guelph-born quintet came back earlier this year to celebrate the decade (well, 11-year) anniversary of breakout album Shine A Light through a reissue and a handful of festival dates. If you couldn't stomach a hefty festival ticket for a shorter Constantines set, you'll be thrilled that they're playing not one, but two headlining shows. Arms up. SK

Perfume Genius - October 4 - Mod Club
Do you need a hug? So will everyone exiting this show on Saturday. They will step out onto College and be greeted, instead, by the run-off chaos of all night art party Nuit Blanche. I can't think of anything more worrisome. Hug a Perfume Genius fan today, they'll need it later.

Cat Power - October 8 - Danforth Music Hall
Cat Power better redeem herself after last time. Just kidding - Cat Power can do whatever Cat Power wants.

Nas - October 8 - Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Legendary rapper and former Jay-Z nemesis is celebrating a record anniversary of his own - the 20th anniversary of Illmatic. Fans are being treated to a reissue and even a full-length documentary, but even better is the accompanying tour, where Nas is screening the movie and performing the famous album in full. There's two back-to-back shows planned for the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. SK

Trust - October 10 - Danforth Music Hall
Oooo my little gothic darlings, how you howl alone in your basement apartments to Kate Bush. How you clutch your blankets adorned with cats around your body and conduct the orchestra of your dreams below the tiny twinkling window overlooking the glorious unknown histories contained in the bricks of neighbouring duplex. How the night constantly shifts with your mood, an extension of the cape you bought to remedy the dread that stalks you as dance home again in your worn sneakers on your bicycle made of stars, back to safety.

Placebo - October 15 - Sound Academy
Within the walls of a meth dealer's trailer in rural Manitoba lies the pure morning you understand Placebo as one of the most important rock bands of all time. Respect to those who grew from the frosted ground up as warped trees twisted by bitter winter upon cruel spring. Peace to those strange stories, written in eyeliner, better left to ebb of their own accord. Dearest actual Placebo fans, are these guys good live?

Chandra - October 17 - Double Double Land
1980's pre-teen post-punk? I don't know much about mysterious Chandra, but I trust Weird Canada/No Visible Means' Jesse Locke completely when he tells me that her upcoming re-release Transportation is a "long lost NYC classic with a super cool story." We'll have more details soon, but for now just soak up the hype of this outsider bill also featuring Bile Sister, Sexy Merlin, New Chance, and Invisible City DJs. I also don't know how I'm going to stay up this late.

X-Avant IX - October 17-19
The Music Gallery's X-Avant Festival is without a doubt what many experimental, pop, jazz, noise, classical, and wtf-ever music fans will call one of the year's most exciting times, and what some other music lovers would hesitatingly call "interesting." Yet the five concerts and three outreach events on the year's (admittedly cliche) theme of "Transculturalism: Moving Beyond Multiculturalism" promise strong enough curation that those even slightly intrigued in expanding their musical horizons will be glad they took the dive.

Fleetwood Mac - October 18 - Air Canada Centre
More than any other record, Rumours is what I remember my dad listening to in the truck. The garage. The basement. The living room. Thus Fleetwood Mac were my baby brother's first favourite band, much to my dismay (how can you not like this Flaming Lips song it's a about a giraffe) But here's what our metal writer says about Mac live: "I was blown away. Lindsay Buckingham's ridic guitar work, Stevie Nicks' perfect voice... Plus, now that Christine McVie's back, long-time faves are sure to return to the setlist." Also look for Mick Fleetwood's art show at Liss Gallery all month.

Iceage with Father Murphy - October 19 - Horseshoe Tavern
Danish post punks Iceage are back in town, and they're bringing Italian weirdos Father Murphy over with them. Now a stripped down, raw live duo, this pre-Halloween Horsehoe gig will be doomsy gloomsy Father Murphy's first Toronto appearance in too long (a couple years?), so bring merch money - in January they put out a "two one-sided 10" containing two movements each, meant to be played simultaneously - or maybe not" (and it's incredible).

Lights - October 26 & 27 - Danforth Music Hall
I have this gallerist friend with impeccable taste who makes, among other curiosities, creepy miniature bondage doll heads which he sits on tiny podiums and shows at international art fairs. This guy loves Lights. That is the power of Lights, Toronto's pop priestess.

Slowdive - October 28 - Danforth Music Hall
Since high school my stance has been if a band is reuniting, I'm against it - unless it's Cocteau Twins, Siouxsie and the Banshees, or Slowdive. Maybe Pavement, but in my heart I was okay with Malkmus as a solo idiom. Rejoice! UK shoegaze originators Slowdive are back together, and I melt to a strawberry ice cream puddle each time I think about it. But do you know what, secretly, in my uncool LED-lit bedroom confessional, I think I prefer Mojave 3. Low are also on the bill.

Death to TO IV - October 31 - Silver Dollar / Comfort Zone / Junkyard
The Halloween covers-pocalypse contines this year with a line up including The Jesus Lizard! (The Soupcans), Hot Snakes! (Burning Love), Metallica! (Cellphone), Beastie Boys! (Phedre, Hooded Fang, Moon King, Hellaluyah), Babes in Toyland! (Mexican Slang), and U2! (Actually U2). (Kidding. Dilly Dally). There will be three stages and way more bands to be announced. Happy Halloween, it's all down hill from here.

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