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Toronto electronic eps

5 can't-miss Toronto electronic EPs from 2014 (so far)

Every year come December publications (including us) release their best-of lists and, as music addicts, we scavenge through them (cynically or not) in search of those gems we missed. Some tracks we're happy to recognize, while others have us kicking ourselves - how did we not know about that song back in July?? To help you conquer those end of year lists (if only for the sake for your ego), catch you up on these five stellar electronic EPs Toronto artists have dropped so far this year. Unless you're super cool and have heard all of these already - then leave us some tips in the comments.

Bassmynt- Moon Blank EP
Bassmynt is an elusive character in the world of Toronto electronic - I kind of dig it. Having released majority of his music on Vancouver based Aufect Recordings, this producer has something special going for him. Mixing really astral sounds with addictive drum patterns, this EP is sheer perfection for people who like little booty in their eclectic music.

Maxwell Church - Lab.our 04 EP
Released on Lab.our Music (the killer creation of Toronto's own Basic Soul Unit and Jason Ulrich), this EP is raw, smoky and absolutely heavy. Ready to fill an entire freaking warehouse, tracks like "Geosynchronous Orbit" will have you stomping until your shoes break. Church also released another murky dancefloor killer on Klasse Recordings as Hermans (a duo with Jerry Riggs). Their newest EP (Hermans EP Zaires), out July 28, will feature an awesome remix by Basic Soul Unit that is making rotations on dancefloors across the globe.

Nautiluss- Solstice EP
This name is no stranger to the music scene in Toronto; our beloved Nautiluss has done it again with his recent release on Audio Culture. While still maintaining his Toronto signature toughness throughout, there is also a very ethereal, almost euphoric, sense to this EP. Sure to appeal to a wide audience, I find myself nothing bad to say - only, "Whoah, tight."

Arthur Oskan - Primitive Waves
Arthur Oskan is known throughout Canada for creating stellar music and live performances. His new release on Beachcoma is no exception. As each track progresses you become sucked into an encompassing mass of synths, build ups, and basically, bliss. This EP is one you should be adding to your arsenal before summer's end for the perfect late night beach party tunes.

Ferenc Stenton - Video EP
Relatively new to the scene, Stenton has really taken off with this new release on locally owned Teenage Riot Records. The minimal approach to this EP is exactly what you would want for late night: dark, eerie, and dissociative with whole lot of "ouff." A must listen, especially if you're interested in a good old fashioned chair rave.

Writing by Sanj Takhar. Photo of Ferenc Stenton by Conrad McGee-Stocks via Facebook

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