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Breakout Toronto Bands: The Beaches

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For an interview that started out with an offensive game of Cards Against Humanity and a collective lesson about the meaning of the word "smegma," this band somehow still managed to play it cool.

Who are they?

When was the last time you went to a show where the musicians were probably too young to actually be in the bar? This all-female, indie rock band from (you guessed it) The Beaches are that band. Ranging from sixteen to eighteen years old, Kylie Miller (guitar), Jordan Miller (bass guitar and vocals), Eliza Enman-McDaniel (drums), and Leandra Earl (keys) joined forces only six months ago to form The Beaches, a formidable rock band that draws heavily on The White Stripes, Patti Smith, and all-female rock bands like Haim.

While The Beaches is a new project, Kylie, Jordan, and Eliza have been playing together for years - which also makes sense since two of them are sisters (see last name: Miller). With another member, Megan Fitchett, they formed a band called Done with Dolls, whose teeny, pop-rock music videos played on stations like the Family Channel. As they grew up, the ladies decided to take their music in a more mature direction.

"It was different when we were in grade nine," Eliza explains. "[The way our peers saw us] was more of a negative thing because our school has a very... hip, alternative kind of feel (we go to Rosedale). So we're in this mainstream band that's on Family Channel and we got this kind of hate for that. But I think over the years it's turned into a positive thing. Now we're playing the kind of music that people who go to our school want to listen to."

Thus began The Beaches.

They sound like...

That band you hear once and think are pretty good, but then find yourself humming their tunes later that night. Their songs are hooky, maybe a little angsty, and completely danceable (or moshable, depending on your preference).

Does it make it that much more awesome that they are only in highschool? Well, yeah. But they also play super good, rock-steady music that has an anthemic, rough edge. Like Japandroids, but with slightly more pop.

Hear them/see them...

You can check them out on their website, but if you're keen to see them live (with parents moshing in front of the stage), they've got three shows coming up this weekend: Vans Warped Tour (Toronto, July 5) or opening for Mother Mother in Windsor July 5th and St. Catharines July 6th.

With a trip to London (England) in their sights ("Loner" was picked up by clothing company FCUK for one of their commercials), these ladies are bringing The Beaches from Toronto to the world.

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