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When I was a teen my oldest brother bought me The Cure's Staring at the Sea singles collection, I really responded to its upbeat tempo, playful instrumentation and fun lyrics about love cats, caterpillars and Camus, who was the first real manifestation of my adult pretension. I listened to that sucker all the time, happy as a clam bobbing my head on the school bus, grinning and feeling great.

And then a few years later I gave Pornography a go. My world collapsed. Why would anyone listen to something that made you feel SO SAD. What I'm trying to say is that I have no critical capacity to judge Decades beyond the fact they sound like The Cure and I like this tune. I'm weary, however, about listening to their full lenth album for fear of the same crushing blow. And I certainly won't be at the record release at the Garrison this Thursday. As a boy, I don't like to cry in public...

Speaking of record releases I won't be attending, Veronica Domingues is having one herself on May 14th for her album Just Chill. Again, it's not personal; it's just that the website encourages that audience members "dress to impress." I only dress to impress myself, and my standards are based on durability and thrift. And if I'm not welcome wearing my perfectly good jeans with the bleach stain that inadvertently looks like a penis, then I ain't coming.

This Meredith Shaw single inspired one of those phantom connections in head that I couldn't quite pin down. Finally after 15 minutes of googling, my cousin Joel woke up and he cracked it pretty quick. Obviously, it was the theme song for "Droids."


I've been waiting my entire life to parody Kurtis Blow lyrics in a public forum. It's especially fufilling to do so when sharing such a lovely band. Everyone ready? Ok. *Ahem*

Brakes on a bus Brakes in a car
Listen to Brakes, listen to Brakes!
Breaks when you're unpacking a rar
Breaks when you clean Brakkes when booze
It's likely Brakes will rock your shoes
And these are the breaks
Break it up break it up break it up!

Luckily, because my soup's almost ready, my personal friend and mentoree Erin Scholz already did a lovely write up about DIANA. So, I'll let that stand in for an actual write up but note well that they've released a new video and signed with Paper Bag Records.

YO! Toronto Musicans, if you want your fresh new music to get a little attention, why not throw it my way. Simply email ericboshart [at symbol] blog to DOT com with some links, preferably a soundcloud and I'll take it from there.

Lead photo of DIANA by Derek Flack

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