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The Killers

Killers' drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. steals the show

Drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr., backed up by his band The Killers, was on fire last Wednesday night. Rock's most exciting drummer was in full form with his trademark enthusiasm and vigour proving that arena rock can still be viable and entertaining.

With a big sly smile and hearty wave Vannucci Jr. took the stage with his fellow "Killers" immediately launching into the band's breakout hit "Mr. Brightside" with house lights on. This, no doubt, was a statement, mostly likely crafted by Vannucci Jr. himself, that The Killers needn't employ theatricality to entertain the cordial audience filling the ACC.

Of course, after the point was proven the lights were dropped and full theatrically was employed. Playing a roster of their hits, fan favourites and material from new album Battle Born Vannucci Jr. led the band for nearly two hours in an arena rock set of the highest magnitude. Projections, lasers, fireworks, confetti all marked a fantastic show, balanced expertly with an anthem to ballad ratio of 4 to 1. All, of course, underscored by Vannucci Jr.'s majestic drumming-cum-emotional-conducting.

Vannucci Jr. was like a character out of Steinbeck novel: a reluctant leader with the highest humanist intentions, one who shows off a style and candor from a bygone but more human age. From atop his podium, constructed specifically for his stature and drum kit, he was able to redirect the crowd's energy back onto itself, building a wonderful tension until he would relieve it with a powerful fill or charge. When backed up by fireworks, any vestiges of doubt that Ronnie Vannucci Jr. is immortal were left behind.

I wonder how often he wakes up to catch Brandon Flowers smelling his hair.

And of course,Vannucci Jr. looked great. With his trademark shoulder length mane playfully blowing in the wind and a thick beard highlighting his many variations of pensive excitement, he was a model for what masculinity can still be in 2013. Even behind the drums, his outfit of a classic black-t and slacks stood out for their subtlety and sophistication. Still, even looking like a Wrangler jeans model, he still had the air of a cooler older cousin: both lofty in his hipness but still willing to hold out his hand for you to join him.

In conclusion Ronnie Vannucci Jr. actually looks alot like Jesus and certainly plays like a gentleman, even more so than when he was young. The rest of the band play appropriately to his talent.

Photo of Ronnie Vannucci Jr. (and the Killers) taken in Fairfax, VA by Peter Hutchins

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