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Where to lie? 1) The doctors office: "I'd say 2-3 drinks a week. More or less." 2) The marriage bed: calm down honey bunny. Yes I do dream about those things and Bradley every night BUT If I'm lucid dreaming I DEFINITELY run away from them". 3) Comment sections in lifestyle and culture blogs "Wow, being a music reviewer sounds really hard. Better quit and never do it again ever." There are many places where one can lie but this column is not one of them. This is a column where the truth lies and the truth of matter is I like this single from Twist. It's relaxing with an otherworldly wisp that mimics sensation of a ghost giving you a massage. Give it a listen, chill out and remember that truth is relative.

This one is pretty good. Reminds me a lot of The Boy Least Likely To, remember them? That really takes me back to simpler times when teenagers hated warm gentle music. Why, you should have heard the warm gentle crap they were playing at Shoppers Drugmart this afternoon. In my day, teens hated warm gentle music more than church. Warm gentle music was for adults who needed it to balm the cold chaos of reality — not for teens to get the warm fuzzies in their fresh vibrant bodies with their full future ahead of them.

Kids today's are all hopeful little monsters aren't they? Oh shit dog, I just got that. If you want to GET IT go see SEE IT at the Hopeful Monster CD release at Monarch Tavern March 22 .

I got super excited when I saw that Sue Newberry and the Law had a song called the Ledge 'cause I thought it was a cover of the Fleetwood Mac song "The Ledge" from Tusk.. That would be so fucking cool, I said to myself. I'm not the type to hold onto less popular songs by major artists just in case I need to impress any babes or blow anyone's mind. You know the type: you're all sitting around talking about how great "Second Hand News" is and then some jackass launches into a monologue on how they lost their edge after Peter Green went cukoo bird or how "Sisters of the Moon" makes "Rhianna" sound like dog farts. That's not me folks. I say FLEETWOOD MAC FOR ALL!

But it turns out Sue Newberry and the Law's "The Ledge" is an original off their new EP Shine Shine Shine, and is excellent in its own right. In fact, you'll probably want to listen to it over and over. Y'all can even catch them live on the 28th at 3030.

My roommate really likes Shotgun Jimmie and has played him for me on several occasions. This ones for you bud! Catch em on Friday March 29th at the Monarch tavern for Wavelength 557.


This one's not for children or people overly romantic about animals/nature. It's four minutes illustrating how disgust rules nature and how perfect that disgust is. Basically the music video for this monologue.
Breaking: the video is Found Footage (from the BBC life nature program) which is sort of disappointing but confirms suspicion about the video's seemingly outrageous production value. Then again, if one can sample music why not video? GREAT JOB, FELLERS!

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Photo of Sioux Newberry and the Law from the band's Facebook Page

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