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I can't stop listening to "Heart in a Hand." I have it on repeat. I listen to it in the shower. I listen to it when I sweep the floor. I listen to it while washing the dishes. I've even listened to the damned thing while walking to the damned grocery store and THAT'S PODCAST TIME. Honestly, fuck you Coronado. I'm a busy man and I have a lot of music to listen to. What I do NOT have time for is a compulsion that makes me listen to this damn song 50 times. If we ever meet I'm going to punch you all in the nose. Luv Eric.

There are two main types of pain, normal pain and weird pain. Normal pain is your standard bruise, raw nerve, gash, break, a punch in the nose, etc. Weird pain is what you feel when you've been kicked in the testicles or you stick a Q-tip too far down. Weird pain seems to travel through different nerves then normal pain. You feel it in your spine and behind the ears.You get the "shivers".

I mention this distinction because usually the sound of someone playing the saw blade gives me the same deep weird "shivers" as weird pain. It's very uncomfortable for me. But here's the thing, the glorious thing, I love this Beams single and it has saw blade. How'd the heck they do it? Damned if I care, all I know is that perhaps the healing can start.

Ohhh, now here's a bit of a throwback to the old experiment involving "rapping" overtop rock instrumentation. My brother used to love "Earth Crisis" as a teen until one day they turned "rap-core," which he didn't care for. He claimed he got it, that the band were doing it to reach a wider audience with their message, but I could tell he was bummed out by the whole thing, that even though the band were doing the right thing, they were still punching my brother (and fans like him) right in the nose. And to this day I've never quite trusted a band with a political agenda — save, of course, Public Enemy.

Anyway, Elephant 12, via EXOTIC London England, is taking a stab at it and I gotta say it's a deep thrust, and the wound may even get infected. Great energy, definitely HIGH octane. Check it out.

Quite often people will ask me: "My lord, Eric, how do ya'll find these hot new tracks?" and I'll just look at em and continue to chew my toothpick then maybe I'll smile if they are cool and/or pretty. I have a whole BOOKMARK FOLDER full of resources but one of my favourite is the electronic-focused Canadian blog Silent Shout.

It brought to my attention, for instance, this Prince Innocence outfit with their new supercool single "Golden Hour." It builds, thrills and kills. Listen to it, check out Silent Shout and have a great week. PEACE.

YO! Toronto Musicans, if you want your fresh new music to get a little attention, why not throw it my way. Simply email ericboshart [at symbol] blog to DOT com with some links, preferably a soundcloud and I'll take it from there.

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