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I love guitar, you love guitar, everybody loves Guitar music. Luckily for all of us The Skeletones four are BACK with a new HOT new single full of that sweet guitar music. Last year saw the release of Gravestone Rock, an oddball spooky guitar music record that certainly had this reporter snapping his fingers and airing fret picking or whatever you call it....

Anywho, if the single "I'll Haunt You" is any indication The Skeletones Four's offer up the goods once again and uping the ante with some scary synth. The EP from hence it comes from Dragging the Lake is out as of yesterday for digital download.


Fingerblasting is perhaps the funniest term in the English language. I'm told by some that it's a coarse and even disrespectful term, but I beg to differ: I see it as an expression of sexuality, humility and humour, a combination you seldom see together. Frankly I'm sick of the moral prudes (the man) busting down on me for using hilarious descriptors of human sexuality. And, really, is it any worse then the term "jerking off"?

Anywho, Maylee Todd's new video for "Baby's Got It" contains a finger blasting scene. It's great. The video is great. The song is great. I know I throw a lot of accolades out but consider this accolade one of my more powerful lobs. But then again, I probably had you at "fingerblasting."


Like every genre name except Jazz, Hip-Hop and Rock & Roll, the term "Roots" doesn't make any sense. What roots? Whose roots? Don't get me wrong, I "get" that it refers to old timey folky music that's considered the roots of western music of the last century — I ain't a dummy. But I feel that that discounts all the other roots music that doesn't involve coarse sweaters and and mountain lust. I'm just a political guy like that.

If I was in charge of these sorts of things, I would describe the Cameron Brothers as "Straw Chewing" due to the strong elements of rural nostalgia, traditional folky arrangements and being generally chill. Listen to "Blue Ridge Mountains" from their album Ratios and tell me* that "Straw Chewing" isn't an apt descriptor. (*Don't actually tell me).

I'm having a hard time pronouncing Jacelyn in my head. I'd try it aloud but it would spook the cat. Oddly, but certainly indicative enough, her Christmas single "Waiting for Christmas" seems to not spook him. He's a skittish fellow, but this upbeat jazzy poppy inoffensive holiday number seems to sooth his feline sensibilities. And he's Jewish!
I'm not a cat but I like the song too, and a little new christmas music never hurt anyone.
Catch Jacelyn with the Sugar Devils at her cd release for Winter Wonderland on the 13th at the Rivoli.

Well kiss my Christmas Grits, what a treat! The good people at The Line of Best Fit have released their fourth compilation of Christmas tunes from some of your favourite Canadian bands! Really, it should be called "Who! Who! Who!" as it's a who's who of Canadian talent including our own Maylee Todd, The Magic and Dell Bell. I will admit that Ho! Ho! Ho! is more appropriate considering the context, but, you know...

Download here.

Have a sexy Holiday everyone!

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