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Hoodie Allen brings #whitegirlproblems to the Phoenix

Ending a sunny Victoria Day long weekend, Hoodie Allen kept the temperatures hot and the party vibe alive at the Phoenix Concert Theatre last night. His All American Tour made a single stop north of the border and became his All Canadian Tour for the night.

hoodie allen toronto

Playing songs from his first album, Pep Rally, to his newest release, All American, Hoodie's humble excitement and constant crowd shout-outs manifested the epitome of the ideal Pep Rally — the ones you only see in teen movies, where even the outcasts throw their hands in the air like they just don't care.

One of Hoodie Allen's most popular songs, #WhiteGirlProblems, got me thinking: what are your white girl problems? So I asked some of the gathered fans, who had lots of super serious stuff to complain about:

@BSBab24 - "Cookies that don't fit in the milk glass"
@kellycalifornia - "Running out of conditioner before running out of shampoo"
@andreepaulin - "Sunburns"
@SamTrue - "Being a lightweight"
@sarahhjanexo - "Not knowing what to wear"

hoodie allen phoenix toronto concert

You don't even want to know my white girl problem (hint: it includes a weekend at the cottage) but thinking about it made me realize how awesome my life really is.

hoodie allen toronto concert

I'm sure Hoodie Allen has a ton of white girl problems of his own, but after seeing last night's show, finding devoted fans in Toronto is definitely not one of those problems. He proclaimed the show his favourite on the tour before jumping into the crowd and screaming "Toronto is the fuckin' shit!"

hoodie allen toronto phoenix

Well said, Hoodie Allen. Toronto is the fuckin' shit. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay.


1. Tighten Up
2. Song For an Actress
3. No Faith in Brooklyn
4. The Chase Is On
5. Stronger (Kanye West cover)
6. Dance (A$$) (Big Sean cover)
7. Can't Hold Me Down
8. January Jones
9. Joy and Misery
10. #WhiteGirlProblems
11. Swimming With Sharks
12. James Franco
13. Soul on Fire
14. Top of the World
15. Small Town
16. 18 Cool


You Are Not A Robot
No Interruption

Photos by Brian Morton

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