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Toronto techno scene coming to Polish Combatants' Hall

Box of Kittens and breakandenter started out in 2007 with a series of secretive, underground warehouse parties. They relied on mystery to sell each of their shows. You had to hear about the party to be in the loop and that was the appeal. Everybody loves to be in on a secret.

"We started with the belief that people were sick of going to 'regulated' parties in nightclubs and wanted something much more," wrote DJ Hali , a member of Box of Kittens, via email. "They wanted parties without rules, and we helped provide that. And we've had a great 4 years because of it."

The rest is history. Their combined efforts paid off and the Toronto techno music scene began its revival, even generating significant international interest in the last three years. Local talents like Art Department, Azari & III, Basic Soul Unit, and others played a significant part too.

December 10 marks the very first time the two crews have collaborated to plan a single event. The party will feature a quad config sound system with 16 bass bins installed at the Polish Combatants' Hall. Essentially it's the entire alieninflux system (one of Toronto's most celebrated sound systems) in one space. To translate for those who are unfamiliar, the sound is going to be massive and satisfyingly loud. There are more surprises in the works, but both groups were — for good reason — unwilling to spill.

"We can't give away all the secrets just yet," Andrew Lochhead from breakandenter wrote via email, "but suffice to say this party will differentiate itself from previous parties in a number of ways." He was willing to divulge some details, however, promising surprising visuals, unlikely tag teams, and -- most importantly -- cheap Polish beer.

And then there is the venue to consider. The Polish Combatants' Hall is arguably one of the best places to host this type of event. Located in the middle of downtown by the University of Toronto, the space is able to contain the sound inside — where it belongs. You can be standing outside when the street is quiet and not know there is a pulsing beat pounding behind it's grey walls. It's a sought after attribute for a techno party as noise complaints from neighbouring establishments can become a major problem. This also works in the partygoers favour as sound trapped inside makes for louder music, which is exactly what you want at a warehouse party.

The one-night event also marks a milestone for the two biggest (and best) names in Toronto techno as they celebrate four consecutive years of providing kick-ass music to the city. If you're already a fan, excellent! It's going to be an incredible show. And if you're a newbie, that's okay — just play along and keep your late-to-the-party shame to yourself.

Photo by basic sounds on Flickr

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