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Polaris Music Prize 2011 Preview: Galaxie

Montreal-based band Galaxie makes the fourth installment of our Polaris Music Prize preview/interview. The Francophone group, led by guitarist/vocalist Olivier Langevin, bundle up songs by mixing garage-rock and electro. And their shortlisted LP Tigre et diesel comes in at a modest thirty minutes. It's a record you could characterize as rough-edged (hard-hitting riffs) with a soothing presence (discotheque bass and semi-psychedelic vocals). And it's this perfect balance of pace and lightness that gives Tigre et diesel its regal, electronic, intergalactic presence.

Below, read my interview with Langevin.

Why do you think Tigre et diesel stands out among other albums from Canadian musicians this year?

I think you could probably answer that question better than I can! I just truly feel honoured that it is.

What was going through your mind when T&d was selected for the long list? And then when it reached the short list?

At first for the long list, I felt a great deal of surprise and then for the short one, I felt truly honoured to be associated to such talented artists.

How would you describe the initial impulse that led to the making of this album? What is the central feeling or spirit behind T&d?

I listened to a lot of T. Rex and Bo Diddley while recording and I've been more and more interested in music that is based on simplicity. I like when it gets straight to the point and that's the main spirit in Tigre et diesel.

What sorts of things come up when you listen to this record? And which track from this LP should people (who have never heard of you before) listen to - a track you feel represents the album as whole?

I think the track "Camouflar" best represents the album because it has both the melodic sensibility of the softer songs and the wild side of the more blues oriented songs. It covers all the bases.

Can you describe the process of making the LP? What were some of the things you learned while making this record and at what point during the process did you realize you were making an LP that was going to be intriguing enough to get this kind of recognition?

I haven't really thought of the recognition linked to the record until these types of questions starting popping up in the last few weeks! I don't think it's possible to realize the importance of a recording while you're doing it. It's probably better for the process to not think about it. Every album that you record is important in itself these days because, with the changing recording industry, each album could very well be your last. So many great albums are being recorded; we have to hope that all the music we record will make it possible for us to tour and continue making music for years to come.

Which album in the short list would you partner T&d up with and why?

I would have liked Malajube's album (La caverne) to make it to the short list since it's also a fun album with nice hints of electro.

Aside from your own record, which album from the short list did you enjoy listening to the most and why?

I loved listening to Timber Timbre's Creep On Creepin' On. I loved the singer's voice and the way it was recorded. The entire album is really well done and great to listen to.


Follow the countdown to the Polaris Music Prize Gala on the official website.

Check Galaxie's website for information about their upcoming shows. You can purchase the band's LP Tigre et diesel at C4 SHOP.

Lead photo of Galaxie by Festival d'ĂŠtĂŠ de QuĂŠbec


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