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Audio & Video: new City and Colour tune, Bahamas on Daytrotter, more video from Teenage Kicks, Bravestation release 'White Wolves', Small Sins at SXSW, and The Box Tiger on Southern Souls

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Featured Audio
• City and Colour - "Fragile Bird"
• Bahamas, Daytrotter Session
• Final Fantasy feat. Beirut - "The Butcher"
• The Box Tiger - "Julian" & Free EP

Featured Video
• Teenage Kicks - "Lose Your Head"
• Bravestation - "White Wolves"
• The Russian Futurists feat. Ruth Minnikin - "One Night, One Kiss"
• Small Sins - "Why Don't You Believe Me"
• The Weeknd - "High For This"
• The Box Tiger - "Julian"


Teenage Kicks - "Lose Your Head"

Bravestation - "White Wolves"

The Russian Futurists feat. Ruth Minnikin - "One Night, One Kiss"

Small Sins - "Why Don't You Believe Me" (via The Verge)

The Weeknd - "High For This" (NSFW)

The Box Tiger - "Julian" (a Southern Souls session)


City and Colour - "Fragile Bird"
I've got mixed feelings about the brand new City and Colour track, "Fraigle Bird," which is off his upcoming LP, Little Hell. As a single entity, disregarding back-catalogue, I like it. The song is catchy, production is great, and Dallas' lyrics continue to mature in the right direction. It also doesn't sound anything like City and Colour has ever done before and, to be perfectly honest, the new style is easily forgettable to me. Besides Dallas' voice, which I think is being held back due to how he chose to sing the low melody, there is nothing that stands out about this track that makes it memorable, even moment after listening to it, and sounds like what everyone else is doing too. Regardless, you be the judge as the labels released the single via SoundCloud.
City and Colour - Fragile Bird by VagrantRecords

Bahamas, Daytrotter Session
Though Afie Jurvanen shows up as a contributor on many Toronto band's albums, as well as leading his musicianship backing up his friend's live shows, it's his solo outing, Bahamas, that has me chomping at the bit for new material. No word, as of yet, on a follow up to his debut, Pink Strat, but at least we've got some new variations of some of those old tunes, all thanks to the live-off-the-floor session with Daytrotter. [MP3s]

Final Fantasy feat. Beirut - "The Butcher"
The fine folks over at Chromewaves have another in-depth blog post with accompanying MP3 downloads, focusing this week on Toronto's Owen Pallett and New Mexico-based Beriut, a long time collaborator of Pallett's, as shown by this track under his old Final Fantasy moniker. Chromewaves also features tracks by the artists individually, as well as MP3's from Julie Dorion, Forest City Lovers, The Wooden Sky, Great Lake Swimmers, and even the legendary Neil Young.

The Box Tiger - "Julian"
Not only can you download the MP3 of the above session from Southern Souls featuring, of course, Toronto indie rocker's The Box Tiger, but the band's self-titled EP is also available for free download via Bandcamp. [MP3] [EP]

Lead photo of Teenage Kicks

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