Neighbourhood Mixtape

The Neighbourhood Mixtape: Following Waves

The Neighbourhood Mixtape is a collection of newly-released songs by Toronto musicians. The mixtape is meant to celebrate Toronto's music culture and provide a forum to listen to and discover new local music.

Every Sunday, I post a five-track mixtape that you can download or stream as a soundtrack for the week. The theme for our twelfth installment, inspired by post-holiday hangovers, is taking things slow.

Track #1: The Holiday Crowd, "Painted Like A Forest"

Rub those sleepy eyes and wake up to the The Holiday Crowd's sunny-coated track "Painted Like A Forest". "I was lost, you were looking, I was there to be found," sings Imran Haniff. The romantic track is a time capsule, resurrecting vintage rock reminiscent of The Velvet Underground - the perfect song to start off our collection this week.

Track #2: The Ruby Spirit, "Sound of the Bell"

In case the first several alarms fail to rouse you, The Ruby Spirit's "Sound of the Bell" will knock your hips up out of bed. Although its strutting drums and horror movie chords might not be the best holiday hangover cure, at least you'll have a track that goes well for one of those Ferris Bueller kinds of days.

Track #3: First Rate People, "Funny Games"

Before the commute to work gives you the grumps, allow yourself a few minutes to listen to First Rate People's dance track "Funny Games". Bass propulsions, electronic hums, piano and vocal glitches ring in your ears, lulling you back to the weekend bliss that hangs over the track.

Track #4: Cavaliers, "Echoes"

Cavaliers' "Echoes" is a low-key love song that whirls around through Mitch Verrier and Britton Allison's classic guy-girl duet, their breezy acoustic shuffles and catchy chorus: "falling for all your dying wishes, dying at the end of the sun, you restored what you died for." The playful track is a silent alarm encouraging you to take the afternoon off to find a quiet spot somewhere for you and your love.

Track #5: Dora Alexander, "Arthur's Seat"

It's hard to find songs that have a sheltered grip on you, the feeling you get when you put on a warm sweater or when you read your favourite book. But on rare occasions you discover a song like "Arthur's Seat" and you're immediately taken out of the world of urgency and into a warm place that flows at its own pace.

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