Four Tet Mod Club

Four Tet makes some magic at the Mod Club

Keiran Hebden, also known as Four Tet, performed to a full house at the Mod Club on Wednesday night. Hailing from the United Kingdom, Hebden returned to Toronto to create his abstract music along side his fellow Londoner Jon Hopkins who opened the night of eclectic electronica.

Four Tet Mod Club

Why do people go to shows, stand at the very front of the venue, lean against the stage looking bored and not dance? Why go to the show? I ask these questions because to my surprise and utter disbelief there were several people doing this at the Four Tet show. It's like they're waiting to see something extraordinary when they should be listening to the extraordinary things happening all the time. I don't understand how people can just stand there and not dance to Four Tet's upbeat, fun music. I tried to not dance at one point and my body would move involuntarily.

Four Tet Mod Club

Four Tet Mod Club

Anyways, enough about the dull people in the front row, Four Tet stood stoically on stage behind a laboratory of electronic sequencers and mixers, tools he used to conjured up his IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) like a mad scientist. His abstract creations were riddled with detail and he delicately whisked in each new sound as the bass heavy beats progressed.

Four Tet Mod Club

Four Tet Mod Club

Four Tet released his fifth full-length studio album in January of this year on Domino records. His performance at the Mod Club showcased several songs off of his latest LP

Four Tet Mod Club

There Is Love in You such as "Angel Echoes" and "Plastic People". Naysayers might disagree, but this was truly a show to remember, and it was a nice way to warm up from a cold, rainy October night.
Hebden seemed very shy on stage, as he would only shoot a smile or two here and there towards the audience, but nonetheless he produced a magical performance. His music is like opening up a box of lucky charms cereal for the first time, but instead of hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers, and blue moons, he layers together exciting little nuggets of sugary sound mixed with glitchy colourful marshmallow bass, minus the milk.

Words and Photos by Alex Kamino

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