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Call & Response: VLSONN

Representing East York, VLSONN is an electro DJ/producer who's on the path to success. Although he's still flying under most people's radars, this guy has some great-sounding analog grooves rockin' on his Myspace page.

He's caught the attention of Craig Hill, head honcho of local label YYZ Records (home to great Toronto acts like TMDP and Madrid). VLSONN headline's Craig's Rollin' & Scratchin' party tonight at Supermarket.

I spoke with VLSONN about his productions, his dream remix project and the simple things in life.

blogTO: There are lots of producer/DJ names without any vowels - why did you go with a one-vowel name like VLSONN?

VLSONN: VL are the first two letters of my name, and "sonn" has a connotation of something like "yo, whatup, son". I'm pretty interested in Nordic culture. If you look in an Icelandic or Norwegian phone book, most Male last names end in "son", as in "son of".

What classic and recent producers/artists influence your sound?

My sound is influenced by classic and new electro. The 707, 808, Linn drum sounds of Mantronix, Egyptian Lover, Giorgio Moroder and early Janet Jackson. The heavy compression and cut up/glitch sound of producers like Surkin, SebastiAn, and Para One have yet to become washed out for me.

I hear some sweet analog drum machine tones in your productions. Do you use an analog drum machine?

No. I can't afford an analogue drum machine, I think a 909 in decent condition goes for at least a grand Canadian. I like to mix and match a lot when it comes to drums. I might use an 808 kick with Linn drum hi-hats and a 909 clap, so owning a bunch of classic drum machines would be ridiculous. Over the last couple of years I've managed to find some well-recorded analogue drum machine samples that I load into programs like Reason, and ProTools for arrangement.

What other gear do you use?

The only hardware I use now is a Korg MS 2000. Everything else is software, a bunch of MIDI controllers, and a mixer for DJing and producing.

What do you like best about living in Toronto?

I like the simple things about the city, like walking down the street with a Tetra Pack of wine.

Where do most like to eat/drink/dance at?

Trinity Bellwoods.

What would be your dream remix project right now? Who would you be most excited about getting a random remix request from?

Bjork or Black Lips.

What are your top 5 favourite tracks right now?

Azari & III - "Reckless with your Love"

Mobb Deep - "More Trife Life"

Egyptrixx - "All That Jelly"

Black Lips - "Slim and Oxygen"

France Gall - "Teenie Weenie Boppie"

Rollin' and Scratchin' presents:
VLSONN (DJ Set), DJ ME, Smilotron, Chili P
Friday, November 6
268 Augusta Ave
Doors: 10pm
Cover: $5 before 11pm

Call & Response is a series of Q&A's with bands/DJs from or playing in Toronto.

Photo by fish.julie of Flickr.

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