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Call & Response: Germans

Local fuzzy indie rockers Germans (a popular band who haven't played live in over a year) make their return at the Summerworks festival. Lots of cool theatrical and musical events are happening every night, and one of the musical highlights has got to be this gig.

Germans have been on an indefinite hiatus since a really bad experience on tour in the US. I remember reading a blog post about it, and it was really dark. Fast forward to present day though, and with a revamped line-up they're headlining an all ages show Saturday night with the Great Bloomers.

I spoke with Leon about his band's break, their new album and hot, sweaty bodies.

blogTO: When was your last show?

Leon: It's been around a year and a half. Our last show was at the Tiger Bar with Spookey Ruben, so long ago!

I remember hearing about some problems you had on tour back then. What happened?

Oh my god... we had the worst tour possible just before we took a break! We went to the eastern US for what was supposed to be an easy four days, but ended up being eight days. Our van broke down on the highway, I think the brakes stopped working, and the mechanics took forever to get us on the road, so we drank every night and cried ourselves to sleep in a white picket fence American town bored out of our minds! Free stuffed crust pizza was the highlight.

Were you always going to come back? What made you come back now? Has your line-up changed at all?

Yeah, we just needed time to get ourselves sorted. We have a new record in the works that we are much happier with than the last one. It's a lot easier to create when we don't have pressure from other sources to do somethings we might not necessarily have wanted to do for this project. We are now a four-piece, with phat and sparkly synths. Space is our new prerogative!

So you have a new album in the works?

Yes, Club Tan. We started it six years ago, we're planning for a spring 2010 release. Watch out!

Will you be playing new songs live this Saturday? Has your sound changed at all?

Yes and yes. We're like a new band that still plays half old songs. Like a Germans cover band!

What do you like best about living in Toronto?

My view onto Dundas where I can watch the old Portuguese men yell and make weird hand signals to each other!

Has the crappy summer weather affected you in any way?

No, I'm actually kind of into it, as soon as it got muggy I wanted to stay indoors in front of the a/c all day...ya know?

What can people expect to see/hear/feel at your show this Saturday?

See = party boys, hear = dreamscapes reminiscent of Joe Jackson, feel = sweaty hot bodies all around you! Let's make a party!

Germans, Great Bloomers as part of Summerworks 09
Saturday, August 15
Theatre Centre
1087 Queen Street West
Doors 10pm
All Ages
Tickets $10 at: Rotate This, Soundscapes, Summerworks box office, door

Call & Response is a series of Q&A's with bands from or playing in Toronto.

Photo: Snarey.

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