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Call & Response: The Wong Boys

With Canadian Music Week hitting Toronto venues tomorrow night right through until Sunday, I thought to myself: how many Danish electro rap groups have you interviewed this year?

Make that one: The Wong Boys are already popular in their native Denmark as well as in Europe. Now they have their sites set on North America with the help of Tremendous Records - a brand new Montreal-based dance label founded by Grandtheft of Team Canada DJs and backed by Toronto's own Last Gang Records).

The Wong Boys rock the Tremendous/Last Gang/Ideal Friends CMW party Thursday night at Wrongbar. I spoke to the guys about the obscure inspiration for their name, how they plan to die holding their radio and how they should be brain surgeons.

blogTO: Why are you called The Wong Boys?

The Wong Boys: You don't watch too many movies do you? The Firm? Tom Cruise? All Tom wants is to go back. Back to Wong Boys. Retrieve his lost innocence. Leave it all behind. Head for nirvana. [I looked this up...Tom Cruise's character surprises his wife at the beginning of the movie with Wong Boys chinese take-out]

How would you describe your music?

It's impossible I tell you. Let me ask you: can you describe God?

What made you decide to make music together?

We were talking about doing the old switcharoo on our girlfriends, 'cuz we really look alike. You know, going home, do our thing and not tell the poor muts anything until it would be too late, but instead we decided on making hits.

Who were your musical heroes growing up? Who are your musical influences today?

Mainly Boney M, Abba, Laban - all the heroes of Danish music, really. Right now all we do is listen to is our transistor radio. You'd have to tear that fucker from our dying hands, I tell ya..

What city in Denmark do you live in? What do you like best and least about living there?

We live in Denmark's biggest city called Jutland. Beautiful hellhole. We do have some problems with raging and pillaging drunken Vikings roaming free but nothing we can't handle though. We have a neighbourhood watch called "Vikinger er ogs책 mennesker". It's hard to translate, but it's all about understanding these people.

What bands/DJ's/rappers in Denmark should people in Toronto check out?


Your "Git Ur Fuk On" single just came out on Beatport - congratulations! It's pretty sexual. Has this song made you more popular with the ladies?

Well, we ain't exactly ugly kids, so...

I noticed that the single has an instrumental version and an acapella for other remixes. If you could pick any producer to remix "Git Ur Fuk On", who would you pick?

The Crystal Castles guy, or Black Lips doing a live acoustic rmx.

Is this your first trip to Canada?

We've been there many times. All part of the "big musicians for Frenchies" program. It's state funded.

Are there any bands/DJ's/producers/rappers in Toronto you're fans of?

Crystal Castles, Dandi Wind. [they're from BC actually, but still Canadian].

Is there anything else people in Toronto should know about The Wong Boys?

You will never know us. We are too advanced. In fact, we shouldn't even be musicians. We should be brain surgeons.

Last Gang, Ideal Friends and Tremendous Records CMW Party
Feat. Team Canada DJs, Keys N Krates, The Wong Boys, The Eh! Team DJs, more
Thursday, March 12
1279 Queen Street West
Doors: 8pm
Cover: $10 or free with CMW wristband

Call & Response is a series of bands/artists/brain surgeons from or playing in Toronto. Photo: Ideal Friends.

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