No Intersections When it Comes to Parallels

Almost two years ago, I downloaded a track called Magnetic Friends under the artist name Ghost Machines. The track became one of my instant favourites and it has made into pretty much to all my playlists since. But I couldn't remember where I had downloaded the MP3 from, and all my searches to find the artist or more tracks ended in black holes in the web. So I just assumed the track was a rare oldie; probably from someone in the likes of Automat, Alexander Robotnik or Mr. Flagio, since I was downloading a lot of that music back then.

It wasn't until last week that the story came to a happy ending when I was listening to music from Toronto's band Parallels.

Turns out the track Magnetic Friends (which is now only Magnetics) was initially posted on Toronto's ex bloggers/music makers ON-OFF, when the project of Cam Findlay was still in its early stages. I felt very relieved when the pieces of the puzzle came together, and proud to know that it was a local band that had made that music.

Parallels is now the full-focused venture of Cam Findlay (who used to play live drums with Crystal Castles when touring), together with the magical voice of Holly Dodson and Joey Kehoe on live keyboards.

Cam Findlay's production skills have truly come to light with their Ultralight EP taking Space Disco to a whole new level. Even though the music is a clear reference to the past with lots of electro retro synthesizers and vocoders, it is delivered with a very honest, irony-free and raw approach. I have to give them five stars for this EP!

Sadly, I missed the "premier" show of Parallels last November when they opened for Glass Candy, but I only heard good things about it. People were referencing Holly Dodson charismatic performance and voice to that of Stevie Nicks or Madonna in her early years.

I'm excited to finally see them live this Friday, January 30th at yet another of the crazy parties from Primary Colors 'You So Big Muscle Strong J'Taime' at Canadian Corps Legion Hall. If you can't make it to this one, don't cry, as they will be playing again February 6th at Sneaky Dees (details below).

Cam was kindly enough to provide me with a couple of tracks in good quality for preview here. Enjoy!

Parallels - Magnetics
Parallels - Ultralight

Here is also an amazing mix that was made for the music blog Valerie. You can hear how their tracks perfectly mix with some classics.

Parallels - Back to earth Mix

Here is the funny promo video that Alex Coleurs and the crew made for You So Big Muscle Strong. (Haha, Viewer Discretion is Advice)

Primary Colors Presents:
Friday, January 30, 2009
Canadian Corps Legion Hall, 201 Niagara Street, South of King, West of Bathurst

Hot Blood presents
FAN DEATH (featuring Dandi Wind) live!

Friday, February 6, 2009
SNEAKY DEE's, 431 College St. at Bathurst

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