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Jeremy Fisher Seeks Sun

Although born and raised in Hamilton, ON, Jeremy Fisher has spent the last eight years in Vancouver, B.C. But when I spoke to him on the phone he was standing in his new Montreal residence amongst a cluster of unpacked boxes.

I asked him why he had decided to make that move.

"I thought it would be warm."


"You know what though? It's cold but it's sunny here. And I like the cold and sunny combo better than the rainy and warmer combo you get in Vancouver."

We actually continued to talk about the weather. We got into how the West coast can feel like a warm breath of fresh air and how the rain can wear on you after time. It eventually dawned on me that the weather really has no relevance to the new tour, the new/old record, or anything to do with music at all. But it was good to know.

I first stumbled upon Jeremy Fisher's music when I was at university. It was 2004 and he had just released his first album on a major label, Let It Shine. The second single, High School, got me hooked and since then I have been interested in his his career.

That record and Goodbye Blue Monday - a record released under Aquarius Records - are both easy-listeners and have an enjoyable Canadiana flavour to them. His latest release, Back Porch Spirituals, is actually his first independent record being re-released. It is just him, his guitar, and his harmonica. Sometimes there is very mild percussion, and there is often subtle female vocals which are provided by Laura Veirs. But overall, it is very Dylan-esque and very cool.

"I made it back when I was living in Seattle, and this past year my manager and I decided to make it available in stores. I've had all these different record deals, but I still own that one. I'm very proud of it - it's kind of where I started out. It's the only album that's totally acoustic... It's me in my rawest state."

When touring in the past he has generally brought a back-up band, which would play with him depending on the venue.

"This tour is completely solo. The girl that I'm touring with... her name is Hannah Georgas. We're planning on doing a couple songs together, but other than that it's just me."

Jeremy is currently in the middle of writing his next record. Feeling like he never properly toured his last album, he thought this national tour might be healthy break from the studio.

"We didn't want to take too much time away from the new album, so I just sort of hand-picked a bunch of spots that we either didn't hit last time around, or we felt like we didn't hit enough. I just wanted to play a Canadian tour, so we just booked as many shows as week could in one month and I'm really looking forward to the whole thing."

Jeremy Fisher will be playing the Mod Club Theatre on February 7th.

Perhaps I made a mistake by saying the weather wasn't relevant; his attitude about the cold in Montreal is reflected in many of his songs. His lyrics are continually looking at the positive side of a negative situation, and the beginning to an end. That'll help one get through the unpacking and settling in.

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